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11-14-2008, 05:13 PM
I may not need to be posting this for I've not heard anyone else on the forum here complain about it.

When I installed Chrome to try it out, everything worked great EXCEPT for the Mouse Wheel. It would scroll toward the bottom of a page, but you couldn't scroll toward the top of a page.

Example: There is a picture of (insert name here) on one of the threads. You scroll on down to read the following messages and someone says there are three freckles in bla-bla's left armpit in a post that exalted forum member (insert name here) posted for everyone's enjoyment! But you can't recall that much detail about that particular picture and try to scroll back up using the mouse to allow you to really appreciate bla-bla's freckles!

YOU CAN'T DO IT! The mouse wheel will scroll down but won't scroll back up!

Have faith dear ones! There is resolution!

Go into the "Control Panel". Select "Mouse". Select the "Wheel" tab. Look down and you'll see "Troubleshooter" and below that, "Advanced". Click on "Advanced". Then you'll notice that Google Chrome is not in the mix! You need to "Add" it.

But to find where it is, you must go to the shortcut icon on your desktop for Google Chrome and right click on it and then click on "Properties". It will show you where it is located on your computer if you look at the Shortcut Tab down next to the "start in" bar.

Go back to your Control Panel/Mouse/Wheel/Advanced/Add window and manipulate the Explorer Open window to point to the location pointed to by the Shortcut on your desktop.

That location will be something like:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application"

Click on that and it will add Google's "Chrome" to the applications serviced by the mouse software.

Actually, Google needs to change their "installation" of Chrome to make this setting change or addition for you. But for now, this manual method will get you by the problem and release you to count freckles, pimples, moles or whatever until your Heart's Content!

All seriousness aside, if you are having trouble fixing this and need some help doing it, gimme a shout. Be glad to assist if you need it. :headbang: