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01-30-2009, 04:28 PM
Yesterday, in chat, we were playing with this idea and it was a lot of fun, so I thought we might try it out. It's very silly and just for kicks. Just choose your option for each space. Hope you enjoy it!

Once upon a time...
There lived a maiden whose hair was _____________ (a. Long, flaxen and billowed in the soft, warm evening breeze. B. Golden like the sun and fell in soft curls around her cherubic face. C. like a late summer sunset when the sky was a blaze and matched her firey temper. D. short and guinea pig like with gray roots.) Her name was ___________(insert your name here) and she was the most beautiful woman in all the land but her heart was sworn to the voyager called ______________ (A. Frey B. Henley C. Schmit D. Walsh) Men came from all over the country hearing of her great beauty to try and win her heart. They sang songs, played music and wrote poetry, but she remained ______________ (A. Unmoved B. Virginal, chaste and pure C. in her barcolounger with a beer and a bag of pretzels). She swore her undying devotion to the one named ______________ (A. Frey B. Henley C. Schmit D. Walsh) and could not be swayed.
One afternoon a stranger road into town on a _______________ (A. Goat B. Mighty White Steed full of fire and passion [the steed, not the stranger] C. Harley fxdl dyna low rider D. Bicycle). He stopped in front of the Cramalot Inn and strolled inside. He whipped off his __________ (A. Helmet B. His gauntlet-style gloves C. Tight Leather Chaps D. smelly sweat socks) and said “______________________” (A. I be here to claim that which is rightfully mine! The fairest maiden of them all! B. Where’s the hooch and the broads? C. Men’s Room? D. I think I broke a nail! Darn it all!). The burly barkeep leaned across the bar to ____________ (A. Get a good look at the stranger. B. Get a good look at the stranger’s open toed stiletto boots C. vomit ).
“What be yer name, Stranger?” said the Barkeep.
The stranger narrowed his eyes at the barkeep. “Not many know my name and fewer dare to use it, but those who do call me _____________” (A. Elton John B. Voldemort C. Sissy VaVaVoom Valour D. Barrak). A _________ (A. Reverent B. Confused C. Blank D. Suspicious) hush came over the Inn. The stranger ____________ (A. Stalked B. Flounced C. Hopped D. Disco’d) to an open table and sat.
“Barkeep! Bring me a _____________ “(A. Beer B. White Wine Spritzer C. Bottle of Spirits and a Comely Wench D. A pumas stone and a jar of salve). Ordered the stranger.
Just then the Inn doors flew wide and in rushed the beautiful maiden’s father.
“YOU!” he shouted upon seeing the stranger.
The stranger ____________________ (A. laughed menacingly B. Screamed like a girl C. Made shadow puppets D. Messed himself) upon seeing the man now standing in the doorway.
“I’ve come for what’s mine.” The stranger _______________ (A. Growled B. Whined C. Sang D. Mimed.)
“I told you I would pay you what was owed! I will bring you your gold!” The old man ______________ (A. Stuttered B. Drooled C. Tap Danced D. Scratched Himself) as he talked.
“I want no GOLD! GOLD I have! I want my prize!” The Stranger ______________ (A. Pounded the table B. Stuck a pencil in his ear C. Made googoo eyes D. Cried like a little girl.) The old man ______________ (A. Laughed bitterly B. Stared horrified C. Scratched himself D. Stuck out his tongue and put his fingers in his ears)
“NEVER! She will not have you!”
The stranger _______________ (A. Smirked B. Whistled a merry tune C. Sipped his cappuccino D. Primped) “I Propose a contest then, for the hand of the fair maiden _______________ (Insert your name here).” The stranger __________________________ (A. stood on the table B.Sat crossed legged on the bar to show off his fancy boots C. Picked at something on his neck D. Sloshed his flagon of ale) “All Men who wish to have the hand of the fair maiden ________________ (Insert your name here) and wish to stand against me, meet at noon, ________________(A. In the town square B. Behind the barn C. In the third men’s room stall D. Somewhere over the rainbow) and we shall _______________ (A. Duel B. Play Tiddly-winks C. Fight to the death D. Make mud pies). We shall see who is the best __________________ (A. Man B. Woman C. Pig Farmer D. Gogo Dancer) and who shall win the maidens hand, if not her ____________________. (A. Heart B. Land C. Milk Cow D. Wardrobe) “
The old man __________________ (A. Ran B. Skipped C. Crawled D. Do-Se-Do’d) home to break the news to his daughter.
“I Shall NEVER _______________ that man!” (A. Marry B. Play footsy with C. Play patty-cake with D. Love )
Her father __________________ (A. Fell to his knees B. Put his finger in his nose C. Wet himself D. Drooled) “If you do not, we shall _________________.” (A. Loose everything B. Be put to death C. Be forced to watch old Pauly Shore movies D. have to move to Oregon where it rains ALL the time and the Eagles NEVER come to play in concert)
The fair maiden _________________ (insert your name here) ______________ (A. Gasped in horror B. Bit her knuckle C. Screamed and fainted D. Wet herself (Like father, like daughter) ) “OH FATHER!! How could you allow yourself to lie in such dire straights! OH WOE IS ME! Shall Sir _________________ (A. Frey B. Henley C. Schmit D. Walsh) Ne’re come again for me?” and the fair maiden _______________ . (A.Wept B. Chewed her fingernails to the nub C. Made 6 pounds of fudge and ate it all D. Fainted (she was a delecate flower))
The Noon hour approached and ________________(A.The Town square B. Behind the barn C. The Third men’s room stall D. Somewhere over the rainbow) filled with towns people anxious to see __________________ (A. Who would win the hand of the fair maiden B. The old man get his butt whooped C. The Pansy Stranger get his butt whooped C. ANYTHING! (this was the most excitement this little burg had seen since cow tipping had been invented))
The stranger ________________(A. Swaggered B. Sauntered C. Tip-toed D. Boogied ) into the center of the crowd. He _______________ (A. Smirked B. Laughed C. Whinnied D. Oinked ) at the lack of challengers. “She shall be mine!” He declared.
The fair maiden _______________ (A. Fell weeping into her fathers arms B. Grabbed her father by the throat and shook him. C. Spit on the ground and scratched herself D. Fainted)
A lone voice from the crowd spoke up. “Not so fast ________________” (A. Lil Buck-a-roo B. Twinkle Toes C. Stud Muffin D. All of the above.) A tall, handsome man stepped from the crowd. It was the traveler, Sir __________________ !(A. Frey B. Henley C. Schmit D. Walsh) The fair maiden _______________ . (A. Squealed and jumped up and down clapping her hands B. Waved her fist in the air and barked C. Did a happy dance D. Pumped her fist saying “yessssssss!!!!!” )
The stranger _________________ (A. Cowered in terror B. Screamed like a school girl C. Gnashed his teeth and narrowed his gaze D. Wet himself)
“YOU! You defeated me once! You SHALL NOT AGAIN!” The stranger rushed Sir ________________ (A. Frey B. Henley C. Schmit D. Walsh) with ____________ .(A. A vengeance in his eye B. A switchblade moustache comb C. His sharpened, well manicured fingernails polished in “love me or leave me” red D. A French poodle named Fifi ) Sir _____________ (A. Frey B. Henley C. Schmit D. Walsh) ducked and the stranger flew past him and ___________________ (A. Into the town well. B. Onto his own moustache comb grooming himself to death. C. Into the public toilet (eewwww…). D. Through the doors of “Ye old Fanny Factory”, the town Inn the people didn’t like to talk about.) and was never heard from again.
The fair maiden ________________ (insert your name here) rushed into the waiting arms of her wandering hero. “At last you have come for me! My big strong _________.” (A. Hero B. Love Monkey C. Poopsy-kins D. Sex Machine)
Sir ______________ (A. Frey B. Henley C. Schmit D. Walsh) swept her up in his _______________ (A. Manly arms B. Overwhelming passion C. Harley D. Big, strong hands) “Darling! I have ________________ (A. Finished my tour B. Made my fortune C. Thrilled my fans around the world D. All of the above) and I have come home to you!”
The maiden _______________ (A. Swooned B. Did a happy dance C. Jumped up and down D. Smothered her hero in kisses E. All of the above) and exclaimed “__________________” (A. HOT DAY-UM! Let’s git HITCHED! B. About time! C. Virginal-Smiginal let’s get BEE-ZAY! D. All of the above.)
And they lived ______________________. (A. Happily ever after B. With her father C. In a mansion far from the smelly towns people D. In Southern California)

The End

01-30-2009, 06:28 PM
Lol! This reminds me of mad libs, except in mad libs it asks you to fill in certain blanks such as a noun, adverb, celebrity's name, ect., without seeing the story. Then you're given the story and you insert your words into the blank spaces. This is a fun game to play at a bridal or baby shower. Try it. You'll be :rofl:

You can find examples on the web - just google mad libs.

01-30-2009, 06:43 PM
Rhonda! I can't believe you had time to do this already today!! Its brilliant! Well done!!

01-30-2009, 07:32 PM
Not gonna lie, I giggled quite a bit while creating my story........it's hilarious! Especially when you combine "Elton John B. Voldemort" with some of the other options ;) :lol: