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03-25-2009, 12:04 AM
Hey T.B.S,
I to live here in Sac.-Town and have just completed American River College`s entire Culinary Program. Soon, I will take my walk across the stage and receive my A.A Degree in Culinary Arts,Hospitality Management, & Restaurant Management. I was amazed when I read your biography. American River College has grown tremendously. I am sure, since you were first there! On March 14th,2009 we had ARC`s 1st Annual Pow-Wow held in the River Cafe (cafeteria). There were over 160 Native American dancers that came from all over. It was amazing! Here is the website; www.arc.losrios.edu
"You have done an incredible job contributing to the "EAGLES" Band".Your voice is so " soothing to listen to". How would I get a hold of your solo albums? I would very much like to acquire all of your music.What is your record label, Or do you have a site for your music?
Keep up the good work and don`t stop doing what you are doing !


P.S. Hope the eagles will come to Sacramento soon and play at Raley field. That would be awesome ...

03-25-2009, 01:08 AM
Welcome, wildhorse!

However, I'm afraid that this isn't the place to leave messages for Tim; we're just a fan board. His official site is http://www.timothybschmit.com.