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04-27-2009, 12:32 AM
http://s280.photobucket.com/albums/kk161/carol7lynn/?action=view&current=HPIM2247_edited.jpg (http://s280.photobucket.com/albums/kk161/carol7lynn/?action=view&current=HPIM2247_edited.jpg)

More pictures to come. Got home about an hour ago. Got front row center and I never left it for six hours-from the pix you can see why. Timothy was super-sang one song then backup on the rest. I have a video of the song and will upload it tomorrow. Wish all of you could be there with me. Met all of PocoNuts people. They will have tons of pix and videos too. The woman beside me came all the way from Long Island. Anyway it was great. Will post more when I'm more rested.


04-27-2009, 12:36 AM
Oh thank you for that, Carol-Lynn! You were in a great spot, and that picture is perfect! I'm looking forward to the rest. He looks amazing. Thank you so much for being the Border's eyes and ears :applause:

04-27-2009, 01:02 AM
This is great! Thanks so much. I can't wait to see that video footage! I can't believe you didn't move for six hours. I would of had to use the little ladies room at least six times in that duration. Sounds like you had a great time.

04-27-2009, 01:13 AM
Wonderful! From that photo, I can tell we're in for a treat!

I've decided to create a concert review forum for Timothy and this show review will have the honor of being the forum's sole occupant (for now)!

BTW, .html is disabled on the forum for safety reasons - hence the link looking a little funny above. Just remove all the html tags and it'll look normal.

04-27-2009, 07:03 AM
Check out all the pics at gettyimages:


Some of these pics had me near tears! I'm also glad to see Timothy hand does not look too bad.

04-27-2009, 07:48 AM
These are a few more pix-just of Timmothy-couple with George. I'll be uploading the videos next. Got the entire "Keep on Tryin' video." Hope this link works. I wondered why I couldn't get the photo to post on the foum Nancy.
http://feed280.photobucket.com/flash/rss_slideshow.swf?rssFeed=http%3A%2F%2Ffeed280.pho tobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fkk161%2Fcarol7lynn%2Ffeed. rss


04-27-2009, 07:57 AM
Thanks for the photos.

Here is an article about Poco's appearance that includes a photo as well,

04-27-2009, 08:18 AM
Love your first pics Carol!!! What great seats! Cannot wait to see and hear more!

Why can't I get tbsf's link to open or the last link Carol posted to open. Is it me?

04-27-2009, 08:52 AM
The link to my last post got screwed up. :brickwall:Will repost later. Youtube is giving me grief. Am resending the videos. May have to do it later.

BTW one of the PocoNuts is going to post pix and videos later so hop on over to their site:

I sat with the Nuts yesterday and they had some great camera equipment so their photos/pix should be awesome. :thumbsup:


tbs fanatic
04-27-2009, 11:04 AM
Great photo's Carol-Lynn :thumbsup: What did Tim do to his hand?

04-27-2009, 11:15 AM
Carol Lynn, I'm anxiously awaiting your review. I can't wait to hear some details.

Fanatic... Tim's dog bit him. I can't help wonder why his own dog would nip him... maybe he was mad at him for being out the road too long. :)

I'm loving all the photo's. CL's and the ones on Getty... the ones with Timothy and George... so special.

On a total side note... see how Timmy is dressed? One more reason to do away w/the suits! He looks so good in jeans... and I'm a vest girl, so he really steals my heart!

04-27-2009, 11:19 AM
Great photo's Carol-Lynn :thumbsup: What did Tim do to his hand?

In the article I posted (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2009/04/stagecoach-2009-southern-califonia-country-rocks.html), he tried to pass it off as an altercation with pirates until he admitted to the family dog taking a nip at his hand. :)

Sorry about that link not working in my previous post. Looks like a lot of extra coding was somehow added to the beginning of it. Don't know how that happened. Hopefully this will work better.


It worked for me when I previewed my post. Here's an alternate link just in case, http://tinyurl.com/dk9met.

(Sorry about duplicating the answer there - was trying to make sure the link was working and by the time it posted lighthouse had answered the dog question. I've had my family's dog nip at me before if I've gotten to close to his food while he was eating it.)

04-27-2009, 01:44 PM
Videos On YouTube-FINALY Gawd Rome was built more quickly. :eyebrow:

Keep On Tryin'

Pickin' Up The Piece

Pickin' Up The Pieces

You're Momma Don't Dance

Good Feelin' To Know

Under The Gun


04-27-2009, 01:50 PM
I'm a big blubbering idiot at the moment!:cry: I've only watched the first one and I need a break. Wow, he's so amazing. Thank you CL, thank you so much!!!

04-27-2009, 02:08 PM
Thanks, I heard just every song, it sounds really good! :thumbsup:

04-27-2009, 02:17 PM
Thanks Carol for working so hard to get these up for us so fast. As soon as the email came up that you had posted them, everything else came to a stop so I could sit down and watch them. You have made this long time (an eternity by now I think) Timmy fan one very happy lady today!!!

It's so good to see him out doing something else outside the Eagles and looking so comfortable (the jeans perhaps?) and fit! He looks in tip top shape and just beautiful! It's no wonder this man has held my heart for 30+ years. Seeing these kind of videos reminds me why!!! Thank you again & again for the videos and pictures!!!:):):):):):)

BTW--love your new avi also!!! Lovely!!

04-27-2009, 02:19 PM
Here are the pix again.:thumbsup:

This has been monumental project to say the least. I'm takin' a break!



04-27-2009, 02:49 PM
Carol Lynn, I know how hard it can be to video something while trying to watch is live as well. I appreciate the care you took in filming this historic event. I also know all the work that goes into uploading all the images and videos, please know your dedication to getting it up today has not gone unnoticed. I send you a million thanks.

For those that don't know, George Grantham was Poco's original drummer, who suffered a stoke on stage five years ago. To see him on stage singing and Tim taking such good care of him... well, there are no words to express how moving that was to see. This was such a huge event for all Poco fans. (poconuts) I'm pretty sure the band also understood how important last night was.

Richie was sounding fantastic! I don't think his voice has changed much in the past 40 years.

Thanks againg for sharing Carol Lynn, you made my day.

04-27-2009, 03:52 PM
Wow, these are great CL! Thanks! Sounds like it was a great event for all.

Poor Tim! I hadn't heard about the dog incident! Yikes!

04-27-2009, 04:18 PM
You're all very welcome. Glad to share them with like-minded TBS fans. I'm not much on giving reviews as for me the pixs/videos tell the story a whole lot better than I could.:partytime:

But, the most touching moment for me, was when George Grantham reached over with his right hand and rubbed Richie's back while his left arm is around Timmie's waist, causing both men to encircle George both physically and spiritually. You can see it on my video Your Momma Don't Dance at a bout the 4:50 second mark. It makes me cry everytime I view it.

Ah, to be young again, it seemed to say, when we were all, to quote Jackson Browne "Runnin' down around the towns along the shore, when I was sixteen and on my own, No, I couldn't tell you what the hell those breaks were for,I was just tryin' to hear my song." The touching brothers-in-arms moment spoke of young men and women who only wanted to "get in the van and play." And, now here we are the moment seems to say "Down the road not taken, are the dreams we've forsaken, good friends we never see, slip from our memory, except for you and me (my lyrics)." :thumbsup:

Oh, almost forgot during the encore one of the guys in POCO pointed out that one of the guys in the audience looked like Don Henley and it was "freaking" him out. Everyone turned and looked but we couldn't figure out who it was. Maybe Henley was in the house; a ghost perhaps from StageCoach past.:hilarious:

Someone on the Poco fan forum posted the set list for those who are interested.


04-27-2009, 04:28 PM
But, the most touching moment for me, was when George Grantham reached over with his right hand and rubbed Richie's back while his left arm is around Timmie's waist, causing both men to encircle George both physically and spiritually. You can see it on my video Your Momma Don't Dance at a bout the 4:50 second mark. It makes me cry everytime I view it.

When I first saw it, I had to stop and replay that exact part! I was crying too! (I've been so emotional the past two days. Stupid hormones) In any case, yes, that was a lovely moment. The three of them sharing a microphone, a brotherhood... oh sigh...

04-27-2009, 04:47 PM
Thank you so much Carol-Lynn! You have provided us with some great videos! I can't stop watching them.

I should have forked over the money for this event! I can see that it would have been worth every penny. The guys all looked great and they sound just like their younger selves. I want to add a mention to George, here. The tears were flowing when I saw how humble and happy he looked on stage. He nailed his part and my heart was full for him watching these videos. And the way Timothy was helping him around on stage was just heartwarming! Speaking of which, Timothy looked great! I've always loved the vests. He seemed so relaxed and comfortable on stage, and you can tell he was enjoying himself. I'm glad he got back together with Poco, they are such a great group of guys. And the music ain't too shabby either ;)

All I can do is hope and pray that they will all get back together again! From what I can tell and hear, they did an excellent job.

04-27-2009, 05:09 PM
here are a some of the gettyimage pics(with less watermark).

Part 1:




This one is soo sweet Tim and George Grantham


04-27-2009, 05:10 PM





04-27-2009, 05:12 PM
Part 3: this whole set I LOVE!!!





04-27-2009, 05:18 PM
part 4: the last group





04-27-2009, 05:57 PM
I have to say - INCREDIBLE photos. I can't believe how young he looks. (Gorgeous outfit, too!) It must have been quite something to have been in that audience.

04-27-2009, 09:34 PM
Melrose-Humble and Happy-Well put. Geroge was beaming like a kid in a candy store. I'm sure that Timothy has been there by his side the entire time. Makes me tear up just thinking about how caring and protecive he acted toward George last night at StageCoach. If you watch the videos you can see him cueing George and even encouraging him to do, this that and the other. And, that is why I can't believe the family dog bit him. What up wid dat mutt anyway? :shrug: Grrrrr!

Sorry but I had to lighten things up a bit because I'm starting to cry-AGAIN!:fear:


04-27-2009, 10:53 PM
I agree, Carol-Lynn! How odd that a dog would bite Timothy of all people! :eyebrow:

04-27-2009, 11:19 PM
I just did a little expierment... I opened two screens and listened to CL's video of TOK from last night... and I put the 1975 TOK verson on the other. I timed it right and listened to them simultaneously. It was pretty cool. Sounded like young Timothy was harmonizing w/older Timothy. There were a few times were I needed to reset it to match up again... but overall, it was pretty cool. I think I'm obsessed. :fear:

04-28-2009, 07:37 AM
These videos and pictures are great. Thanks Carol Lynn for bringing back to us such a thorough review!

04-28-2009, 07:41 AM
Here's a nice tidbit from google alerts


04-28-2009, 07:43 AM
and another


04-28-2009, 09:01 AM
I just did a little expierment... I opened two screens and listened to CL's video of TOK from last night... and I put the 1975 TOK verson on the other. I timed it right and listened to them simultaneously. It was pretty cool. Sounded like young Timothy was harmonizing w/older Timothy. There were a few times were I needed to reset it to match up again... but overall, it was pretty cool. I think I'm obsessed. :fear:

Not obsessed but very creative. I'm going to try it and will let you know. Again, pretty smart-cookie :thumbsup: The funny thing is, TimmieB didn't seem the least bit lost without his bass and moved around quite a lot as you can tell. And, I was soooo glad to see him back in jeans. The Eagles need to do at least half their show in jeans. The suits make them look like a wedding band. I know I'm going to get a lot of flak about saying that but you can't unring a bell so have at it. And, lastly, you could also tell that he tried not to steal the spot light a very gentlemenly thing to do:angel:.

I got an offer from some Poco fan to make a DVD or something of all my videos. Will keep every one posted if and when we do make one. A lot of POCO fans got some excellent pix and a few others also took videos so it could be a compliation. We could donate the proceeds to George.

Anyway, it is now Tuesday and the real world awaits.

Chow Bella!

04-28-2009, 10:15 AM
lol, C-L, check out our thread about "Suits or Jeans" in "Tour Talk" to see how the vast majority of us feel about their performance wardrobe!

Let me add my thanks once again to all these videos and photos you've posted. Amazing!

tbs fanatic
04-28-2009, 10:25 AM
FANTASTIC! Carol-Lynn you have done an amazing job. I have seen Poco with Richie Furay but to see all of them together - heaven. I am so jealous. Thanks so much for sharing part of it with us.

04-28-2009, 11:31 PM
Those are some awesome videos!!! I'm a New Poco fan - and I really appreciaate all the hard work you have done to share this wonderful moment with us! And that Timothy B. is just icing on the cake!

04-29-2009, 12:23 AM
Rumor has it that there will be a video and audio of the Poco reunion from The Maverick in N. Calif. Jimmy's video guy was shooting video's all night long. On a side note, I want to thank Tim for having a wonderful heart in how he has supported George Grantham both monitarily and just being a friend.

tbs fanatic
04-29-2009, 09:54 AM
Oh, that would be great. :partytime:

04-29-2009, 07:31 PM
Thanks for the news, Maj! And welcome to The Border!

04-29-2009, 07:33 PM
Welcome to the Border, Maj!

04-29-2009, 07:37 PM
On of the fans on the Poco web-board created a link to all the fan videos that we made on Sunday night at StageCoach for easier viewing-very creative guy. Here is the link.


04-29-2009, 09:08 PM
Great! Thank you for the link!

04-29-2009, 10:14 PM
Thanks for the news, Maj! And welcome to The Border!

Thanks nice to be here.

04-29-2009, 10:14 PM
http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef01156f5f077d970c-800wi (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef01156f5f077d970c-pi)

That's a terrific picture!!

(Welcome Maj!!) http://www.manysmileys.com/styles/common/spacer.gifhttp://bestsmileys.com/hello/7.gif

04-30-2009, 07:28 AM
Welcome to the Border Maj.

04-30-2009, 08:21 AM
Just want to say that this was so wonderful to see and actually hear Timothy at Stagecoach :). Carol-Lynn you did such a fantastic job of getting this info to all of us and I want to thank you for a job well done:applause:. I agree is was heart warming to see Timothy interact with George. It shows what a wonderful and caring person Timothy is to his friends and others. He apparently donated his pay to George as well now that's a special friend!! It was nice to see that everyone truly wanted George to be a part of this important event and made sure he was Kudos to them all :yay:. Please keep us informed if any Disc comes out from anybody as I'm sure there will be a lot of us wanting one. Once again Carol-Lynn thank you!!!

And welcome to Maj--join the fun.

Ive always been a dreamer
04-30-2009, 12:24 PM
CL - thank you so much for all of your hard work in posting all this info for us. You were very privileged to have the opportunity to see this rare event. I would have loved to have been there. You, obviously, had an awesome view as well and Tim looked great! On a personal note, I was really hoping that Tim and Paul would do Rose of Cimarron - that's my all-time favorite version of the song.