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Ive always been a dreamer
01-06-2007, 06:54 PM
With all of our hopes so high for a new studio album this year, it got me thinking about the original six albums. Can you rank them in the order of your favorites? Considering how hard it usually is for me to do these things, I can't believe I'm starting this thread. This is particularly hard since I don't believe any of them are bad! :wink:

But, oh well, here is my list:

1. Hotel California - I guess this is an obvious choice. This is a classic conceptual album with 8 exceptional songs. Each song is very different, yet fits perfectly into the theme of the album. The album also does an exceptional job of showcasing the talents of the individual band members, IMO.

2. Desperado - Same as HC comments. This is an exceptional piece of work, but some of the songs are not quite as strong as HC.

3. One of These Nights - I had a hard time deciding whether this or On The Border was No. 3 for me. I chose this one based on the strength of the hit songs. However, I don't consider Journey of the Sorcerer, Visions, or I Wish You Peace to be among their best work.

4. On The Border - Overall a great underrated album. I don't think there is really a bad song on it. It is one of my favorites to listen to from start to finish, and I rarely ever skip any of the songs.

5. The Long Run - The hardest choice of all for me was deciding between these last two. It is probably a virtual tie for me. Both albums had three very strong hits, and I can't decide which are the strongest. Heartache Tonight is probably the best of all of them, although TIE and PEF are hard to snub. WW, TLR, and ICTYW can't be snubbed either though - they are all great. I also think King of Hollywood, Those Shoes, and The Sad Cafe are all very good underrated songs as well, which would seem to give the edge to TLR. However, then there is the matter of Disco Strangler and Teenage Jail, which are probably among my least favorites of all of their songs.

6. Eagles - See TLR comments. After the three strong hits mentioned above, the rest of the album is very pleasant and easy on the ears. However, I don't think there are any real standout tracks, except for one. I'm now ready for you all to throw things at me - BUT - I love Chug All Night. I don't know why, but I love the tempo and the 'visions' it leaves you with. It's not a great song, but it's raw and sexy, and it rocks.

01-06-2007, 08:37 PM
Hmm good question. Tough, but good :D

1. Hotel California - pretty much for all the reasons you stated. I think it has the strongest group of songs on it.

2. One of These Nights - The title song is so good that it pretty much makes the album for me. There are other ones I like......but OOTN is fantastic.

3. Desperado - Strong album with one of the greatest Eagles classics

4. The Long Run - It always kind of seems like everyone's let down with this one after the HC album.....but I love it! I love the title song a lot! It's very catchy.

5. On The Border - like you said, an all around great album. I happen to think the title song is probably one of the most underrated Eagles songs (If an eagles song can be underrated lol).

6. Eagles - it feels wrong to put any Eagles album in "last" place. lol But I love all of them so much.......that it just kind of fell in this order. But in all honesty, after "HC"...........they could all be tied or switch spots.

01-06-2007, 09:52 PM
1. The Long Run -- the only song on this album that I'm not crazy over is The Sad Cafe. I love everything else, even Teenage Jail.

2. Hotel California -- how can anyone say anything bad about this one?

3. On the Border -- another album where I love every song.

4. Eagles -- only a couple of songs that I really enjoy on this one.

5. One of These Nights -- even fewer songs here.

6. Desperado -- this one just does not do it for me. As beautiful as Desperado is, the rest of the album leaves me cold.

01-06-2007, 10:15 PM
1.The Long Run: I love this album. The fact that it was a struggle to get it done makes it all the more poignant and ICTYW isn't bad either hehehe

2.Desperado: a powerful album with some little known gems like Saturday night and doolin dalton

3.Hotel California: this was the band hitting the big time so how can you not love this album!

4.On the Border: Now it starts to get tougher to choose.... but with On the border having Ol'55 James Dean and Already gone it makes for a solid album

5.Eagles: Has a raw sound to it.... kinda neat; not over produced

6.One of these nights: This album in general I dislike, even tho one of my all time fav eagles songs is on it (Lyin' eyes)..the whole make up of the album just seems blah to me.

01-06-2007, 10:36 PM
1. It's still Hotel California, although there are far too many lead vocals by Henley, and the over-production on Wasted Time and The Last Resort has not aged well. For NKIT, Glenn's finest hour, and LITFL, probably the best summary of a lifestyle ever, it is beyond essential. There is nothing left to say about the title track and PMAIAR and TALA are two of the band's finest works, which showcase everyone in the band.

2. On The Border - Because Glenn is most prominent. I admit that honestly. He shines throughout in GDIH, AG, Ol'55 and James Dean. The title track and BOML are classic Henley and Meisner's contributions are useful, although he did better. Throw in Leadon's beautiful My Man and you have a classic album which is growing better with age.

3. The Long Run - I still think this album is a more gritty, realistic portrayal of life in late 70s LA than anyone else except perhaps Warren Zevon managed, but only a handful of tracks stand out - Heartache Tonight, The Sad Cafe, King Of Hollywood and Those Shoes. I find most of it quirky and challenging, including the songs we're not supposed to like, but I think the title track has not aged well.

4. Desperado - This is perfect, for the most part and has the best songs by Leadon and Meisner. Glenn and Don really come into their own as a singing and songwriting team here. The only song which to me doesn't stand up to close scrutiny is Saturday Night (too schmaltzy for me).

5. Eagles - standard country rock, but take away the three 'big' songs and Train Leaves Here This Morning, and it's not that good, frankly. If it has a 'sleeper' it's probably Take The Devil. Chug All Night is not politically correct but it's fun. They weren't like that for long.

6. One Of These Nights - three massive, memorable classics and the rest of it is frankly extremely ordinary. I am not one of those who sighs over After The Thrill Is Gone, and Too Many Hands is not quite right (I've never worked out why it's not right, perhaps it's the title I don't like). The least said about Felder and Leadon's tracks, the better.

01-07-2007, 01:38 AM
1. Desperado - it's the only Eagles album where I thoroughly enjoy every single song. The songs are stupendous, but none of them are my absolute favorites. However, in terms of ranking albums, the combined strength of the songs as a cohesive unit both thematically and sonically puts this at the top for me. It has a great range of emotion - compare Out of Control and Saturday Night, for instance - but it all works together seamlessly. It really is almost cinematic in the way it unfolds and I never feel the urge to hit the button to go to the next song. I especially love the way they merged Desperado and Doolin-Dalton in the Reprise. Genius.

2. On the Border - I like every song on this one, too, except for You Never Cry Like a Lover which annoys me as a woman. "If she's not crying like a lover maybe YOU need to try a little harder, buddy" I want to say, lol. I love the interplay between the bandmates - Glenn and Don sharing vocals on Good Day in Hell, the way all the band members blend for Midnight Flyer. The Best of My Love is gorgeous and Already Gone is wonderfully defiant, almost anthemic. James Dean is a fun song, and Ol' 55 is absolutely beautiful. I know they didn't write it, but Glenn and Don's vocals work together perfectly to convey the mood of the song. Bernie's My Man is incredibly moving, and while Is It True isn't very deep it's got a nice melody. Ironically, I wasn't initially too fond of the title track - it was obviously a "message" song but I couldn't take it seriously with lyrics like 'foolin' with my baby on the telephone.' However, it's grown on me, and I've come to appreciate the song's lyrics so much that I named the board for it.

3. Hotel California - here's where I start to deviate from popular opinion. For me, this album and its title track is a teeny bit overrated. However, when taken as a whole, like Desperado, the album presents a sophisticated cohesion that I admire. I adore Pretty Maids All in a Row and NKIT, and the rest of the songs are all very strong, although I admit I find The Last Resort off-putting in its self-righteous preachiness. Despite that, it's a pretty melody. I originally had HC as second, but as I was doing the write up for OTB, I realized that it was more fun to listen to OTB than HC, so HC got knocked down a slot. Still, they're very close.

4. Eagles - despite the fact that they were just getting started, I like this better than some of their later works. I think Most of Us Are Sad is one of the Eagles' most underrated songs. Of course, Tequila Sunrise, Take It Easy, and Peaceful Easy Feeling are all magnificent. I also like Witchy Woman, though not as well as most. I always thought it sounded a bit cheesy, although I like it more now than I used to. After hearing live versions, I have also come to appreciate what I once ridiculed, Chug All Night. I also think Train Leaves Hear This Morning is good, although the other tracks are pretty forgettable.

5. One of These Nights - good, but uneven. I know Glenn considers this the Eagles' best album, but I just can't agree with him. It contains my all-time favorite Eagles song, Take It to the Limit, and other terrific tracks like Lyin' Eyes, Too Many Hands, and After the Thrill is Gone. Unlike many, I find Journey of the Sorcerer, Visions, and I Wish You Peace listenable and in fact, I admire Bernie for trying something different with JOTS. Still, they're not going to find my way onto any "Best of Eagles" mix CD I make for myself. I am also one of the few who was never overly impressed with the title track (which Glenn has said is one of his best songs - makes me feel guilty but oh well!) I used to think it was really dated-sounding. Seeing it live made me appreciate it, but it will never be a favorite. Hollywood Waltz is OK, but a little boring.

6. The Long Run - even more uneven and containing some of the worst Eagles music ever released, IMHO. (Here's where I get REALLY controversial! lol) It has moments of brilliance: Heartache Tonight, Those Shoes, I Can't Tell You Why. Unfortunately, those are outweighed by moments that make me cringe. To me, Disco Strangler and Teenage Jail are so awful that they make my ears bleed. The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks and King of Hollywood also don't appeal to me. I do enjoy The Long Run, In the City, and The Sad Cafe, but I've never considered them standout Eagles tracks, and they can't save the album for me. Of course, it's all subjective.

Whew! That took a while. Good question, dreamer!

Ive always been a dreamer
01-07-2007, 02:45 PM
Eagles - it feels wrong to put any Eagles album in "last" place. lol But I love all of them so much.......that it just kind of fell in this order.

:D I totally agree Maleah. I really don’t think any of the albums are bad. I just like some a bit more than others. But, even the ones I like the least, I still like them a lot. The same goes with individual songs. Unlike Soda, I like Disco Strangler and Teenage Jail, but they are probably my least favorite songs.

FP – I agree that I would have like to have seen Glenn have at least one more lead song on HC. HC and VOL have an ‘edge’ to them that is so well suited for Don’s voice that I can’t imagine anyone doing those better than Don. Glenn probably could have done justice to WT or TLR, although I think the songs are probably more suited to Don’s voice. However, I can definitely envision that Glenn could have sang lead on LITF equally as well and I’ve always thought Glenn’s voice would’ve been perfectly suited for The Sad Café on TLR. Glenn and Joe do LITF in some of their Party of Two shows, and I think Glenn does a great job with it.

This is interesting to see how “all over the place” we are in what we like and dislike, even with just 6 albums. I was particularly amused when I compared Z’s and Soda’s list. Their first and last albums are totally reversed, but other than that there’s not much difference. :wink:

01-07-2007, 05:52 PM
I'm kind of pathetic, lol, I really can't imagine any of the eagles singing one of the other guys' lead vocals. I can't imagine anyone doing better on VOL or LITFL than Don, can't imagine anyone doing better on HT or TIE than Glenn, ICTYW than Timmy, or ODAAT/ITC than Joe. I love Glenn to death, but it still doesn't seem right not hearing Randy sing TITL. I know, he's not there anymore to sing it....but you know what I mean. ;) I think they definently knew what they were doing when they chose who would sing each song.....because each song fits the singers voice perfectly. I've always thought that's one thing that the Eagles were really excellent at doing.......choosing the right vocalist for the right song. And they had great choices because they are ALL great singers!

01-07-2007, 06:07 PM
Just on Soda's comment about Glenn saying OOTN is their best album - the song is his favourite Eagles song, but I've never heard him actually say the album is their best. One thing in its favour is its diversity. It's probably the most adventurous album they made musically and yet the lyrics and arrangements on some songs aren't up to scratch (the mention of Hollywood Waltz made me realise that Saturday Night, which I don't like that much, is much better than HW).

Re the lead vocals on HC I agree that Don's voice is perfect for the songs he sings and because he probably wrote most of the lyrics he was always going to sing them. But while I admire Glenn's generosity in allowing this to happen in my opinion he went too far, so that we find on the next album he didn't even sing Teenage Jail alone but felt he had to give Don a part (the bridge which Don sings is wonderful, but the second vocal in the last verse doesn't add anything).

I will now dodge the brickbats when I say that I think Glenn would do wonders with ICTYW as he does (IMO) with TITTL and I think he could probably do a good job with The Sad Cafe as well.

01-07-2007, 06:42 PM
I agree Glenn should have had at least one more vocal on HC, but I'm fine with him sharing the pain on Teenage Jail. ;) Don does such a magnificent job on all of his vocals that it's very hard to imagine anyone else do them in most cases - he makes the songs his own - but having heard Glenn do Life in the Fast Lane live, I realize he could have done that one just as well. Wasted Time... I don't know. Maybe I'm just too used to Don doing it, but his voice really is perfect for that, I think. I agree that Glenn on The Sad Cafe could have worked, too.

Ive always been a dreamer
01-07-2007, 07:21 PM
I agree that the band did a great job in choosing the right vocalist for most all of their songs. I also am one of those that usually likes the original version of a song best. However, there are a few such as the ones I mentioned above that I think would have worked equally as well (not better) with one of the other guys singing it. After seeing him perform it, I absolutely think Glenn singing lead on LITF would have worked just as well. I feel the same way about Already Gone. After hearing Don do it, I think that song would have worked just as well with him singing lead.

I agree with Maleah that I will always love Randy's version of TITTL best, mainly because of the ending and the high notes that Randy hits are perfect. However, I have to say that the non-acoustic version of the song that Glenn did on the PTO tour this summer was amazing (much better than the F1 version, IMO). Except for the high notes at the end, which Glenn could never hit, it was very close to the original version.

I also believe Glenn would do a beautiful job with ICTYW, but I'm glad he doesn't do it since it is Tim's signature song with the band (at least for now). :wink:

01-07-2007, 09:53 PM
I really didn't think about Glenn doing ICTYW.......but when I try to imagine it....I agree, he would do well on it. He does an excellent job on TITTL as well, but that will just always be Randy's signature song to me and it fit his voice perfectly (imo).

By the way, I wasn't trying to insinuate (and I hope I didn't come across that way!) that Glenn wouldn't do as good a job as Don does on his songs. And I also wasn't trying to be narrow minded and think that only Don can do no wrong. ;) :laugh: I may claim Don as my favorite (and he is of course BUT....you know what I mean lol), but I love Glenn, Tim, and all the rest just as much! :)

but I do have to say that after learning more about ALL of the guys...........I really don't see Glenn as feeling obligated to let Don do whatever he wanted. :laugh: :wink:

Ive always been a dreamer
01-07-2007, 10:49 PM
Maleah - I agree that I don't think Glenn is much of a pushover for anyone. My bet is he seems to be very strong-willed. I'll let you know as soon as I meet him. :D :wink:

And one other thing - PLEASE don't feel you have to apologize for having an opinion on this board. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, and to like whoever they want to like. As long as we are respectful of one another here, hopefully, we can all feel free to say exactly what we think, and engage in some fun, interesting, and informative discussions and debates. There are always things we can learn from each other. This entire thread is based on each of our opinions, so there are no right or wrong answers.

01-07-2007, 11:23 PM
Dreamer's exactly right, Maleah. We all have our own opinions and preferences and no one is more right than anyone else. You won't offend anyone just by expressing a viewpoint reasonably. No need to walk on eggshells. :)

01-08-2007, 01:02 AM
Maleah - I agree that I don't think Glenn is much of a pushover for anyone. My bet is he seems to be very strong-willed. I'll let you know as soon as I meet him. :D :wink:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Oh I'm sure he'll be an 'ole softy for you :wink:

And thank you both! I guess I worry a lot about offending someone or being taken the wrong way when I give my opinion and I didn't want to do either of those or hurt someone's feelings. So I'm glad you understand........you guys are awesome, you really are! Thanks!

01-08-2007, 01:04 AM
Oh and by the way dreamer.................I can see how this is going to go with your new avatar! And I'm not exaggerating by any means when I tell you this...........I swear I must have scrolled to view your avatar 15 times while posting my last message. And everytime I see a post by you, my eye is involuntarily drawn IMMEDIATELY over to the left!! :laugh:

01-08-2007, 01:34 AM
Serously. I don't know how I'm going to be able to post intelligently in any thread with Dreamer now.

01-08-2007, 01:56 AM
Serously. I don't know how I'm going to be able to post intelligently in any thread with Dreamer now.

I know!!!!!!!! :laugh: Then I look at my avatar and think.........darn........why couldn't Don have lost the shirt completely. Just for curiosity's sake of course........ :blush: :laugh:

Ive always been a dreamer
01-08-2007, 02:01 AM
I know what y'all mean. What worries me is that I will only want to read my own posts now with this hot avatar. :D Thanks Soda for 'resizing' it for me! :wink:

01-08-2007, 10:52 AM
Wow, dreamer! I can't even think of anything to post with that over there! Way hot! :inlove:

01-10-2007, 05:36 PM
Well, I've finally gotten over the shock of Smokin hot and am now going to try to rate these albums! :wink:

After much thought and a very scientific rating plan, here goes:

#1- Desperado. I just love the whole album. The only song I don't love is Bitter Creek and I can listen to it without skipping it. Very favorite song overall is Desperado and I wish Don would sing it like he used to and not be so dramatic with it.

#2-Hotel California. I love every song on it, but it only has 8, so Desperado beats it out with 11 songs. Favorite overall song is HC.

#3-On the Border. I love 6 of the 10 songs on this one. You Never Cry like a Lover and Midnight Flyer I don't care for and My Man and On the Border are just ok. Two favorites here, Already Gone (rocks) and Best Of My Love (Don's soulful voice).

#4-One of These Nights. 5 songs I love here, OOTN, Hollywood Waltz, Lyin' Eyes, Take it to the Limit, and After the Thrill is Gone. The others, I don't care for at all. Overall favorite-OOTN-that raspy voice again! And that air intake he does- :blush:

#5-Eagles. 4 wonderful songs for me on this one, Take It Easy-the anthem, Witchy Woman, Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Tryin. 4 are ok, Nightingale, Train Leaves Here This Morning, Chug All Night ( :blush: ), and Take the Devil. I skip Most of Us Are Sad, and Earlybird. (The chirping drives me crazy!) Most favorite is Take It Easy! I just love the very first chords and it's a feel good song. Glenn's voice on PEF is soooooo sweet, too, and I fell in love with Don's voice on Witchy Woman back in the day! :D I thought off the top of my head this would be my favorite album, but when I actually counted the favorite songs here's where it wound up! Who knew?! :|

#6-The Long Run. I knew off the top of my head this was my least favorite album, but when I tallied them up, it almost tied with #5! But it has more songs on it that I skip! It's my least played album. I love The Long Run, ICTYW, In the City, and Heartache Tonight. I won't go in to the others since were doing the game in the other thread! My overall favorite here is Heartache Tonight. Love Glenn's "break my heart" part!

I'm really confused now! :D