View Full Version : How Does your Husband/S.O. handle your love of the Eagles/The Border?

05-13-2010, 12:48 PM
I've thought about asking this for awhile but something recently posted in another thread made me decide to start this one.

So fess up! How does your S.O. feel about your obsession with the Eagles? What about the time you spend on the board and Soda's other Eagles sites? Are they okay with it? Are they understanding? Are they jealous? Do they not get it at all? Let's discuss!

05-13-2010, 12:55 PM
Well, I gotta say, in that area I lucked out. Cliff is very good about it. I scrimped and saved for months to make San Jose and some months were challenging because of it, but he never complained. Of course I had to give him some of my SJ money to buy chickens *G* but that's HIS obsession *G* Still When I talk about Joe or the guys, he just rolls his eyes. Mostly he likes The Eagles and their music but he's more into blue grass and really old crusty people singing old folk songs.. For the most part, Cliffy is pretty cool with the whole deal.

05-13-2010, 12:57 PM
Interesting question.

Verna has her obsessions....I have mine. But we both have an obsession with the Eagles though it is nothing as intense as it was at one time.

Verna certainly has her own perspective on as to I, but what it boils down to is that there is a mutual trust involved that allows us both to pursue our "needs" in regards to music and Eagles in particular. I am fortunate in many ways, but one of the most fortunate is her tolerance for my associations with Eagles Fans who are in a vast majority, Female in race!

Many of the friends I've made on the boards over the years are mutual friends of ours. But the one thing I've ALWAYS been careful of is NEVER having any kind of clandestine "relationships" with anyone I've met through the boards. There simply is nothing to hide. I would never wish to give my wife of 33 years anything to ever cause her concern. Nor has she ever given me anything to cause concern.

Like I say, we are fortunate in that we are both much involved with issues on the Internet and know the boundaries of what is appropriate and what is not. And we both understand the infatuations we might have with artists that we admire.

Simply stated, there just is no issue.

05-13-2010, 01:36 PM
Ditka doesn't care how I work up my appetite, as long as I eat my meals at home. :thumbsup:

Actually, he's a fan as well. Not for all the same reasons, and not at the same "level", but a fan nonetheless.

He's been very encouraging about me taking off and spending money to fly all over the place and see shows, Pebble Beach, etc. He even drove me to the airport very, very early that snowy morning (Chicago, no less) during a horrible freezing rainstorm so I could catch that airplane to sunny California!

He does like to tease. Since getting Glenn's autograph which he signed...'My Best, Glenn Frey', Ditka now also signs everything (valentine cards, grocery store lists), 'My Best'. He's also refers to Nancy, Karen, Kay, etc. as "my fellow stalkers".

05-13-2010, 02:21 PM
Seeing your list is so weird, Molly, as I have a sister named Karen and my middle name is Kay. But anyway...

I'm not married but back when my mania first started I had a boyfriend. We broke up shortly thereafter (for UNRELATED reasons) but while we were together he never said a word negatively about my trips. He was always cool with whatever I did, though, almost to an extreme - never contradicted me once and we were together for over a year. I guess I should have thought I was lucky but instead I felt like there was something wrong with that! I'm not ALWAYS right. lol

Anyway, over the years, we've kept in touch and sometimes got together for drinks before he moved away last year. In 2007, after I told him about my adventures in Niagara Falls, he hesitantly asked, "Is something going on?" I actually said "Are you kidding? He is a married rock star and I'm not exactly a beautiful temptress! I mean, seriously, look at me!" And he said "Well, I think you're beautiful." It was so sweet that for a second I wondered if I had made a mistake breaking up with him!

05-13-2010, 02:41 PM
Awww Nancy!

Hubby enjoys the music of the Eagles almost as much as I do and has attended both shows (Chicago, 2008 and Indy, 2009) with me. I think he might pay to see them again in a heartbeat.

However, the time I spend on The Border is another story. He was very skeptical to meet up with Soda, Willie and her husband in Chicago but saw that I was not going to take no for an answer. Of course, after he met them he was fine and liked them all very much. And when we met Soda for dinner before the Indy show he was as excited as I was since he had already met her. Now that the ice has been broken he wouldn't have a problem meeting up with any of my Border friends. But he's very cautious of the internet and knows the dangers of it, as I do. We have had discussions about the board and have come to a good compromise (the most you can hope for in a marriage, right?). He understands my love of the board and listens to my stories, and I spend time with him when we are home together. So far it's working out well.

05-13-2010, 03:58 PM
Soda, awwww, such a sweet story!

Mine is very similar to Pm's. My husband is nearly as big a fan of the Eagles as I am. We've always enjoyed listening to their music together, even through their "vacation" years and he would also say they wrote the songbook of our lives. He's very skeptical of the internet and doesn't really understand why I'm always checking up on the them, but he knows that it's really just kind of a hobby and that I'm not going to take it too far. Plus when he's home on weekends, I spend my time with him and don't get online much. He's going to retire this fall, so some things may change there!

05-13-2010, 04:30 PM
while I am not married I have been with the same boy through our 4 years of high school and one year of college. The curly haired boy that i love most of the time is fine with my extream love of the Eagles. He likes their music and the time i spend on The Bordre is whatever to him. He will listen to me rambl on becuase i listen to him ramble about his two favorite bands (pre- Steve Perry Leaving Journey and pre-80's break-up Styx). He would go to see the Eagles with me and i would go see whoever with him.

bernie's bender
05-13-2010, 05:19 PM
As a polygamist, I've found that keeping all 8 women 'in line' is just not possible... but I have convinced that if they all dress up like Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks etc... they can each pretend I'm an Eagle and have torrid affairs with me.

So, I have to say, it works out just dandy.


05-13-2010, 05:28 PM
BB I hope you are not serious :-(

05-13-2010, 05:55 PM
Oh EL, BB is Dead Serious! Emphasis on the word DEAD for no man could survive the throws of 8 women!

bernie's bender
05-13-2010, 06:14 PM

you can tell by my smirk.... 7 of 8 are happy at any one time....

if you think keeping 8 wives happy... imagine having 42 children and 8 sets of inlaws (several of whom I'm related to!)

the good news: all my wives love "you never cry like a lover!"

05-13-2010, 06:32 PM
Considering my significant other(s) are a dog and five cats there is no problem with me indulging my Eagles obsession. Being single and failure at relationships does come in handy sometimes. :lol: I would say the only issue is my poor dog thinks I hate her because I keep locking her up in a kennel so I can go to Eagles concerts.. poor baby :-(

05-13-2010, 07:07 PM
The main issues I have are sarcastic cracks about Mike's heroes who 'at least release new albums more than once every 20 years'. I don't get to watch many DVDs at night. We always watch his stuff. I have my revenge in that I have framed posters and photos and fridge magnets which are hard to ignore plus I wear my T shirts all the time.

He came to the 1995 show but he wouldn't go and see them again. Surprisingly for someone who basically likes heavy metal & prog rock his favourite track if he were pressed would be I Can't Tell You Why.

He works & I don't so he knows how much time I spend here. I try to have only a selection of photos at any one time (for my iPod) to avoid cluttering up the hard drive).

05-13-2010, 08:28 PM
First, I've got to say BB & Mike---you guys crack me up!!

I'm sure you're all pretty familiar with how Larry feels. :hilarious: Poor guy-but he knew early on what it was all about. Before we were ever married, he was told the only way I'd ever leave him is if Timothy came to sweep me off my feet (I'm dead serious--I did)---then it's adios baby!!! JK!! He knows better but he was telling people when I was doing my concerts a couple years ago and again in November in Chicago, that he was waiting for me NOT to come back home from one of those trips! :hilarious:

He's very tolerant but like most here, I just split my time between Larry and the guys. You will notice I'm seldom on here in the evenings or weekends, but daytime--all Border all the time!

What Molly said--"doesn't care how I work up my appetite, as long as I eat my meals at home" about sums it up for us!! I'm sure Larry's benefited many a time over the years after I've had an Eagles moment! :thumbsup:

05-14-2010, 01:18 AM
Hmmm... I'm not even sure how to answer. I'm getting less eye rolls for my time on the border. He didn't even say anything tonight, during The Office when I turned on my computer to post about the Eagles ice cream scene. :) I've always been a music lover and he's a sports guy. I used to see live local bands every weekend when we were first married and he'd stay home. He thinks their ticket prices are insane and thought I was crazy to see them twice. (only twice!) However, he knows that's who I am.

He was NOT happy at all about me seeing Timothy, because I was going alone and meeting up w/other Borderers. He kept telling me he wasn't going to wait to get remarried, because I was stupid to meet up w/people from the internet. (Trust me, I was skiddish about it to... until I met Soda, TBF and PM)

He'd NEVER go for me traveling around to see them though. I guess all people have their limits. As long as they come to my town, he'll deal... heck, he may even come with me... but I'd prefer to go w/a friend who enjoys them as much as I do!

So, I guess my answer is, he thinks I'm a stalker but as long as I'm not in California actually trailing the guys, he'll deal with my obession. :hilarious:

05-14-2010, 07:23 AM
LTL, I remember you telling us in Chicago at Timothy's show that he thought we were a bunch of ax murderers! :hilarious:

05-14-2010, 10:04 AM
bernie, I'm surprised you have the energy to even come here and post! :hilarious: That must be why you're too exhausted to even capitalize your name!

Cathy-the whole internet thing came up years ago with Ditka and me. As I was getting on the plane to head off to meet my Border friends for the very first time -he waved at the gate and said "as you go off to meet people you only know thru the internet, I just wanted to say...it was nice knowin' ya!"

05-17-2010, 02:09 AM
Bobby is an Eagles fan too but there is no way that he would battle the crowds to go see them in person. As long as I don't go to concerts by myself he is fine with me going. He didn't even ask how much the tickets cost me. My friend and I had an agreement, if she drove I would pay for the tickets. I think I got the best end of that deal when we got to Phoenix and not only had to fight the Eagles mob but all the people going to a baseball game next door. He just rolls his eyes when packages are delivered from ebay and Amazon. He doesn't mind the time I spend on the internet. He is glued to the tv anyway.

tbs fanatic
05-17-2010, 11:24 AM
My hubby's reaction is usually - :roll: and if he really wants to tick me off he'll start singing ludicrously in a high voice - at that point its WAR!

05-22-2010, 12:12 AM
I have to amend my original post in this thread. It USED to be just me and two cats...But I've got to give Bruce really huge points for not only accepting my love of the Eagles but also feeding the fire by proposing while Timothy sang LWKUA (and yes, there is a wee pun intended there!)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm running on 41 hours of sleep deprivation (with extremely brief catnaps). My bed and my best bud await.........

05-28-2010, 06:17 PM
Are you telling us you got engaged Cynd? If so congrats!