View Full Version : Randy's Sexiest Songs

11-28-2010, 04:30 PM
In a Minute - The music and Randy's voice are sexy on this one. When he sings "I would give you all my love in a minute" :faint:

Don't Keep it Inside - This song is sexy in a sweet, sensitive way. The way he sings "Lovin' don't come easy when you've had a broken heart." :inlove:

Trust Your Heart - The music on this one is sexy. The way he sings "You’ve gotta take the first step through the crack in the wall. My arms are wide open I won’t let you fall.” :smitten:

All Alone in Paradise - The emotion in this one is sexy. When he sings “How do you know a friend when you’re not thinkin’ clear. Its hard to not attract the people you should fear.” :heart:

Lonely Alone - The music and the emotion in this song are sexy.

When the Dam Breaks - When Randy sings “Do you lie awake? Does your heartache? What does it take for you to get the message?” and “Call me up when the dam breaks you’ve got no reason to hide. Use the phone don’t you hesitate I just want to be there by your side.” :inlove:

Hearts on Fire - This song is just sexy in general. I love the way he sings "I've been achin' from desire."

Gotta Get Away - The emotion in this song is sexy. When he sings “I don’t know where I’m goin’ all I know is I gotta get away from here.” :smitten:

Deep Inside My Heart - The way he sings “You didn’t want me like I wanted you” is so sexy. :inlove:

I Need You Bad - The emotion and the music, especially the sax, is very sexy. When he sings “You’ve given me something that I never had. Oh baby I need you bad.” and “Don’t leave me alone tonight.” :inlove:

One More Song - The music on this song is sexy. The way his voice sounds when he sings “One more song for the night gone by, one more song for the good times and the bad, for the faces of strangers and the voices of friends one more song for the times we’ve had.” and “As I was packin’ away my bass guitar.” :inlove:

Trouble Ahead - The music and Randy's voice are sexy on this one.

Never Been in Love - When he sings "You make me feel like I’ve never been in love before.” :inlove:

Darkness of the Heart - The way his voice sounds when he sings "But what can I say hey that’s alright. Like you used to tell me honey there will be other nights.” is so sexy :smitten:

Jealousy - The emotion in his voice when he sings “Jealousy, jealousy you just can’t win for losin’” :faint:

Tonight - Randy's voice is incredibly sexy on this song. From the opening lines “Who you gonna run to now your ass is on the line? Who you think your foolin’? We ain’t got the the time.” all the way through to the end.

Playin' in the Deep End - The line “Don’t you wanna make love tonight I can see you movin’. Well turn out the lights we got a long long way to go. Its gonna last forever cause they’re playin’ our song. Your sweet love darlin’ could do no wrong.” is very sexy.

Strangers - The emotion in Randy’s voice and the way he and Ann Wilson sound when they’re singing at the same time on this song is sexy.

Still Runnin' - The way Randy sings “Still runnin’ still runnin’ dreams are getting’ harder to find.” :faint:

Daughter of the Sky - The emotion in Randy's voice on this song is sexy. When he sings “I could take her for a fool, I could take her as a friend, I’ll probably take her as a lover in the end.” :inlove:

Too Many Lovers - The emotion he puts into this song makes it sexy. When he sings “I thought I could make it without lovin’ you” :smitten:

I Really Want You Here Tonight - The music and Randy's voice are very sexy on this song. I love the way he sounds when he sings “I keep my mind good and busy all day but I can’t stop thinking about you in the night time.” and “I really want you here tonight, near me tonight, makin’ things so right.” Its just so emotional and sexy :inlove:

Take the Devil - I think Randy's voice is sexy on this song.

Try and Love Again - The emotion in Randy's voice on this song is sexy. When he sings “Ooh, the look was in her eyes you never know what might be found there. She was dancing right in time and the moves she made so fine like the music that surrounds her” :smitten:

Too Many Hands - The music and Randy's voice are sexy on this one. When he sings “There’s too many hands being laid on her too many eyes will never see that its draggin' her down but you won’t hear a sound as she turns around.” :faint:

Take it to the Limit - The music, the words, the emotion. This is just an all around sexy song. :inlove: When he hits those high notes at the end :fainted:

The Nature of Love - The music on this song is sexy. When he sings “Oh its famine or feast. That’s the nature of the beast. Screams like an eagle crys like a dove. Oh that’s the nature of love.” :heart:

Rough Edges - The line “I know I don’t look the part don’t turn it off before it starts. I can hear your heart talkin’ to me.” is sexy.