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03-09-2011, 07:19 PM

There are a lot of eMails and Text messaging going around now warning you that you only have a few days or weeks to get your name on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. It claims that if you do not register, telemarketers will legally be able to add your cell phone number to their "hit lists".

That part is absolutely INCORRECT. They are already Legally Bound NOT To Add Any Cell Phone Number to an auto-dial system and virtually all Telemarketing outfits use auto dial.

However, it does not hurt (theoretically anyway) to add your number to that list. Once you add it, it is there forever....it doesn't expire in 5 years or ever.

With that said, I added my cell phone number to that national list a couple of weeks ago. Within a couple of days, I started getting Telemarketing calls from "Cardholder's Association" or something like that almost every night. It is a recording so I don't even get the satisfaction of Screaming Bloody Murder at them or even of leading them to Jesus! My wife is on the same cell phone account I'm on with AT&T but has her own phone and phone number. She did not register and she is NOT getting calls. Coincidence? Maybe but I woudn't add my number to it if you haven't already done it. It doesn't do you any good and who knows, there may be a leak and telemarketers might get your number!

Here's the SNOOPS report on the "Urban Legend"


And to back that up, here is the Official release from the Fedral Trade Commission:


03-09-2011, 07:36 PM
Thanks, Mike. I check Snopes.com on a regular basis, especially since I have so many Facebook friends who will re-post dire warnings which of course contain urgings for everyone else to repost ASAP.... only to have it be false.

I think the worst of these I've ever encountered was a fake Amber alert. Of course people who believed it was real immediately reposted it, thinking they were helping to find a child. Turns out the child didn't even exist. Whoever made up such a post just to mess with people is truly despicable.

It's people like that who make me wish everyone would learn to consult Snopes.com!