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Funk 50
10-16-2015, 04:20 AM
I can just about remember, how excited I was when Joe said he was going to play stuff he'd never played before,at the start of his 2915 tour.

9 of these 12 tracks, Joe must have played. hundreds if not, thousands of times, in concert. Analog Man has been performed, ever since it's release in 2012, once or twice in 2011, from memory. Over And Over and Mother Says have featured during more than one tour during his lengthy career.

The performance of The Worry Song during the first show of the tour is the only previously unplayed song Joe has done on this tour.

I guess Joe's over sensitive to the demands of the audience, which explains how he always manages to put on an entertaining show.

The round stage thing looks fun :smile:

Wed 14 Oct 2015
Theater At Westbury
Westbury, New York
(Performed in the Round)

1 Walk Away
2 A Life Of Illusion
3 Over And Over
4 Analog Man
5 In The City
6 Pretty Maids All In A Row
Band Intros
7 Mother Says
8 Turn To Stone
9 The Bomber
10 Funk #49
11 Life's Been Good
12 Rocky Mountain Way

Here is Life Of Illusion;