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03-23-2018, 02:01 PM
I searched and found there is no thread about the band that brought Randy to California, a life- and career-changing development for him (and the Eagles).

Intermixed with this band’s history are the Colorado-based band The Soul Survivors and another band of Randy’s, the short-lived Esquires.

Various sources say that Randy’s Nebraska band The Drivin Dynamics came to Colorado to compete in the Battle of the Bands in February 1966. Probably competing as well were the Soul Survivors, considered hot and happening, with records getting a lot of airplay in the area, including two songs that were #1 hits on a Denver radio station. They were planning a permanent move to California but their bass player didn’t want to go. So they decided to go the Battle of the Bands to find a new bass player. Impressed with Randy’s playing and singing, according to Soul Survivor member Pat Shanahan, they approached him to join them (telling him they were the hot shots in town) and move to California. So Randy quit the Drivin Dynamics and became a Soul Survivor.

Somewhere around the time, Randy was also in the Esquires; they recorded a live track called “Prophet” which was included on the 2003 album Help the Poor.

Later the same month on Feb. 26, the Soul Survivors played a gig at a Arvada High School dance. It’s unclear if Randy was also there. Here’s a link to a yearbook page that shows a picture of what looks to be the band. The page heading is titled “Pep Club Dance.” The caption apparently says the Soul Survivors provided the music (based on a search of the term “soul”).


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03-26-2018, 01:02 PM
Wow, D. - much respect for the research.

I had thought the Battle of the Bands was November of '65. It bothered me though that this was so close to the time (August '65) that the DD's had recorded "You're So Fine" and two other songs in Texas, and had regional success with it. Why would Randy leave the band so soon after (and in the midst of, presumably) things going well for them.

VERY interesting about The Esquires too! "That's Why I'm Blue" was another live track from that band on The Poor compilation.

P.S. Digging your new avatar. He's so fine.

East Texas Girl
03-26-2018, 01:56 PM
Good job, Delilah!! :applause:

The Esquires is news to me. Keep digging, can not wait to see what else you uncover!