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06-16-2018, 03:19 AM
I enjoyed the concert but am pretty tired right now, so no review until later. Just a couple of things-

Timothy is now upright :thumbsup:

Vince sang a different song from his catalog and dropped “Next Big Thing”

No BOML on this setlist

06-16-2018, 03:47 AM
2 1/2 hours and they sounded great from opener
7 Bridges Road to final encore Desperado.
enjoyed it so much i’m hoping to get out to los angeles for one of the forum shows in september :grooving:

06-16-2018, 08:14 AM
Yeah for Timothy now standing. I know he’s happy to get out of the boot.

The song for Vince is Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away. It looks like he’s been playing that song since Salt Lake City. I love that song.

06-16-2018, 11:03 AM
Glad you enjoyed the concert, D. Would have loved to have been there, myself.
Eagerly awaiting your review!

Thank you so much for the immediate update on Timothy:heart:. So grateful to know of his apparent recovery. :yay:

06-16-2018, 02:30 PM
My Evening with the Eagles, Vince Gill and Deacon Frey

Well, I have finally seen my first Eagles concert. It was kind of wild seeing Don, Joe and Timothy on the same stage together after seeing them separately at their solo shows. It was a good show, not the best I’ve seen, but still enjoyable. Of course I was keenly aware that this concert was special and different from past years. Glenn wasn’t there and it felt kind of odd and surreal in a way I wasn’t expecting. After watching the various video clips of this tour I had come to accept this was going to be quite different plus I never saw them live with Glenn anyway. Yet, his absence was definitely felt.

The pluses: musicianship was great. Joe can still play guitar like a pro and Steuart Smith is no slouch either, although I still prefer Felder. Vince showed his guitar chops with the first solo in TIE which received a lot of applause. It was really neat to see Deacon play the AG solo on his father’s Old Black.

Vince sang another lovely version of TITTL. He did not try any high notes but held out the note on “time” for several seconds towards the end and received a lot of applause. The crowd sang along quite loudly and of course I thought of dear Randy. I was pleasantly surprised by Vince’s performance of HT. I wasn’t overly impressed when he sang it on the videos but live it worked really well.

Vince and Joe received more applause than anyone. Deacon was also loved by the crowd. Although a bit shaky at first, Don’s voice was back in form after a song or two. Deacon sounded great. His vocals were strong.

The minuses: the show was on the low-energy side. Maybe b/c they just returned from a break and this was the first show of the summer leg. TBS seemed to struggle on ICTYW; he was fine on LWKUA though it’s not as vocally demanding. Minute Maid Park is a baseball stadium and doesn’t have the best acoustics. I would have preferred a different venue although the amenities at Minute Maid are nice.

Other notes: Will Henley played along in the shadows to TIE, NKIT, PEF, LE, and Those Shoes. He may have been on Tequila Sunrise too but I forgot to look. Joe’s songs definitely got the crowd going. Vince performed his hit “Don’t Let Our Love Keep Slipping Away” which was nice and unexpected. When “Funk 49” started, Don was gone from the stage- where’d he go? He eventually emerged from backstage and took his place at the bongos to play his straight beats. I saw Timothy and Vince saying something to each other while Joe or Steuart were playing a solo.

Don did speak of Glenn, saying he was there in spirit and in all the songs they were performing. Deacon spoke of having so much fun and that there were a lot of us out in the crowd. It was probably even more obvious when Timothy did his bit with the audience and the the lights shone on different parts of the crowd.

On the closer, “Desperado”, it’s obvious Don’s vocals aren’t what they used to be. Still it was wonderful to hear him sing it. And I couldn’t help but admire how he’s holding it all together, continuing the dream as the only guy on stage who’s been there from the very beginning to now.

06-16-2018, 02:47 PM
The setlist, which varies from previous ones in order of songs.

1. Seven Bridges Road
2. Take It Easy
3. One of These Nights
4. Take It To the Limit
5. Tequila Sunrise
6. Witchy Woman
7. In the City
8. I Can’t Tell You Why
9. New Kid in Town
10. How Long
11. Peaceful Easy Feeling
12. Ol’ 55
13. Lyin Eyes
14. Love Will Keep Us Alive
15. Don’t Our Love Keep Slipping Away
16. Those Shoes
17. Already Gone
18. Victim of Love
19. Walk Away
20. Life’s Been Good
21. Heartache Tonight
22. Funk 49
23. Life in the Fast Lane
24. Hotel California
25. Rocky Mountain Way
26. Desperado

For another POV, my husband, who isn’t a big Eagles fan though he likes several of their songs, said the show was a letdown. He thought Vince sang too many songs and that Deacon should be singing his father’s songs. His comment about Vince- “he should go back to singing about his John Deere tractor” (referring to Vince’s hit song “One More Last Chance”: well she may have took my car keys, but she forgot about my old John Deere). He thought Don and Joe’s solo shows were better.

ETA: I meant to say a word about Chris Stapleton, who put on a fine show with his 4-piece band. His last song was his hit cover version of “Tennessee Whiskey”, during part of which he used to sing the band introductions, a novel approach.

06-16-2018, 03:03 PM
I’m glad that you could finally the band in concert. I’m disappointed they didn’t play BOML. I hope they play it when they come to where I’m at. It’s too bad they were low energy

06-16-2018, 03:42 PM
Thanks for the recap, Delilah. I’m looking to seeing them on Wednesday. This will also be my very first Eagles concert ever, but I also seen good videos and DVD with Glenn. I will definitely know it will be different. I will miss Glenn when I go.

With me not seeing a concert with Glenn, I will try not compare the two. Not saying you were comparing.

It is good to see Timothy back on his feet. Like I said earlier, I know he was happy to get out of the boot. I know I was happy when I finally completely stop wearing my boot.

06-16-2018, 11:08 PM
Thanks Delilah! I've been to several of Timothy's solo shows. I really wish he would sing a couple of songs that he wrote. There are some that I know others do/would enjoy.

06-17-2018, 12:00 PM
Thanks Delilah! I've been to several of Timothy's solo shows. I really wish he would sing a couple of songs that he wrote. There are some that I know others do/would enjoy.

So totally agree! Yes!:cheers:

06-17-2018, 03:37 PM
It would have been nice if they kept “I Don’t Want to Hear Anymore” on the setlist. I guess if they would play smaller, more intimate venues they could perform deep cuts and more solo material that hard-core fans would appreciate. They could cut down on some of the extra personnel and play some acoustic numbers. I bet that would go over well for fans but probably wouldn’t make much $$.

Here’s a review from the Houston Chronicle with an interesting take on bands that keep touring after losing key members.

Bands continuing on in some form after a key member has passed (Adam Lambert with Queen, John Mayer in Dead and Company, Axl Rose fronting AC/DC) will likely become the norm as time marches on and classic rock's biggest names make their permanent exits. A band's catalog, if sturdy enough, can transcend even the very people who recorded it.

Luckily the Eagles catalog has enough acolytes that there won't be a shortage of players to keep the fire alive. Keeping things in the family, in the case of the Eagles, is a bonus.

“A revamped Eagles lineup and Chris Stapleton knock the hits out of Minute Maid Park” by Craig Hlavaty, Houston Chronicle, June 16, 2018 (https://www.chron.com/entertainment/music/article/Eagles-and-Chris-Stapleton-knock-out-the-hits-in-12997027.php)

06-17-2018, 03:55 PM
Also, there’s this review by the Houston Press.

“The Eagles Prove They've Still Got Plenty of Life in Them in Houston” by Cory Garcia, Houston Press, June 16, 2018 (http://www.houstonpress.com/music/review-eagles-minute-maid-park-houston-6-15-18-10575027)

East Texas Girl
06-18-2018, 02:01 PM
Thanks for the review, Delilah! I will be seeing them Saturday (my second time) I cannot wait! :headbang: