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    Re: Corona Virus

    Our governor issued a Stay at Home order until June 10th this past Monday - although I'm dreading it to some extent, I think it was the right move. I think it is helpful for people to know what's...
  2. Re: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    Well - I think this is going to be a very interesting and unpredictable game. I have to say I am a little shocked at some of the votes so far. Now, Silent Spring is no surprise because it is really...
  3. Re: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    MJ - During the first ten double-elimination rounds, each player needs to vote for two songs per round. I added the following note to the rules in the opening post:

    Special note: Due to the fact...
  4. Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    Time for the Farewell I Survivor, where we vote off the song performances on the DVD / BluRay until we get to the last one standing!

    If you're new, for a basic overview of the game, see this post:...
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    Re: Jackson Browne

    :pray: that Jackson has a full and speedy recovery.

    Oddly enough, I've yet to see him live. Still not giving up hope yet though!
  6. Re: Don Felder Television Appearances

    Thanks for the heads up, FF.
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    Re: Joe in the Press/Blogs/etc.

    Thanks for sharing this, KW.
  8. Re: Celebration of the "Solo Collection"


    Just wanted to recognize the anniversary of this awesome compilation of Glenn's solo work, even though it pre-dates After Hours by quite a few years. l adore...
  9. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    Two words ... BEAU TIFUL!
  10. Re: Henry Diltz talks about Eagles debut album shoot

    Thanks for this, NMB. It was fun to listen too.
  11. Re: What are THE ODDS Henley will do a Free Living Room Show during Virus?

    Don is known to be very charitable, so I don't think his reluctance to do this has anything to do with $$. He just isn't that active on the internet so my guess is that this would be a little out of...
  12. Re: Bob Dylan Mentions the Eagles in Epic New Song

    Thanks for posting this, Delilah. I listened to a couple of minutes of the song, but I agree that Dylan singing for 17 minutes is a little too much for me to take. However, I also think he is a...
  13. Re: Attention Eagles Fans! Our Eagles are in BIG trouble and need your help TODAY!

    Thanks for posting this Stan - I went over and checked out the site and from what I can tell, Hotel California is safe. But, it's hard to tell if the voting ended or not. If so, why haven't they...
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    Re: Hey everyone!

    Welcome Stan - Always glad to have another Eagles fan. Hope you enjoy it here on The Border. Don't be shy to join right in.
  15. Re: Farewell I Survivor begins Tuesday, March 31

    Youíre welcome! Iím happy to facilitate such an important public service. :wink: :grin: But, seriously folks, I do hope it will provide everyone with another diversion during these strange times....
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    Re: Name That Eagles Tune

    You Are Not Alone


    even when we are apart
  17. Re: The Never Ending Song Game - Eagles Version

    Long Road Out of Eden
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    Re: The Never Ending Song Game

    Sweet Dreams - Patsy Cline
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    Re: A Fun Song Game

    Dancing in the Dark - The Boss
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    Re: The Alphabetical Songs Game

    Well, now that just hurts my feelings! :nahnah:

    Everytime Two Fools Collide - Kenny Rogers (with Dottie West)
  21. Farewell I Survivor begins Tuesday, March 31

    Okay folks - it's time to dust off your copy of Farewell I and pop it in the DVD (or Blu Ray) player. The DVD will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year and we are going to celebrate by playing a...
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    Re: Corona Virus

    This is getting more and more frightening. The number of confirmed cases here in the U.S. is almost 5 times higher than it was just a week ago. Very scary - and, of course, we don't have any idea...
  23. Re: Frey Fever : The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    WOAH - There's that neck again! Just saying ...

    And CA - I love being the beneficiary of your time and money. And just an FYI - I don't recall ever seeing a picture of this man that was too...
  24. Re: Website for Glenn's old Aspen studio/home

    Thanks FF. I agree that I hate to see Glenn's compound broken up. But, having said that, I kinda think that what they've done with Mad Dog Ranch is a fitting living memorial to Glenn. I would love to...
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    Re: Don in the Press/Blogs/etc.

    Sad that shun had just posted this info about the Kenny Rogers bio a couple of weeks ago and now Kenny has left us. Looking forward to watching this.
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