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  1. Re: Hearing the Eagles or solo songs unexpectedly!

    I was checking our apartments in San Francisco a few months ago and the landlord's phone rang... It was the beginning sax of The One You Love. I just about died laughing (inside, of course...).

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    Re: Celebration of "Inside Job"

    I'm a bit biased toward Inside Job, as it came out when I was 8 (and a die-hard Eagles fan!)

    I still listen regularly. The only songs I skip regularly are Damn It, Rose and Miss Ghost. Neither are...
  3. Re: Can we talk about Don’s... “incident...” in 1980?

    Hi guys,

    Well... guess who completely forgot about this thread until now lol.

    To those saying that I shouldn’t believe everything I read, I’m well aware. I didn’t say this was fact, nor did I...
  4. Can we talk about Don’s... “incident...” in 1980?

    Hi all,

    Long-time reader, first-time poster!

    I’m 25, and had always heard rumblings about Don Henley and an underage girl who overdosed. I’d always assumed he had a party and someone had her...
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