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  1. Re: Schmit Sexiness: The Timothy B. Schmit Photo Thread

  2. Re: May 3rd Concert Postponed

    According to a post on Jack Tempchin's FB page announcing the postponements there is an "Editor's Note" that Henley has been suffering from a cold. I also read somewhere that he was seen washing down...
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    Re: Live Streaming of Concerts

    I have a FB friend in New Zealand who uses it so I assume you can use it anywhere in the world! It's awesome to experience the shows and feel like you are literally there! The video can be sketchy...
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    Live Streaming of Concerts

    The tour is on a break but thought I'd pass some information along to everyone. If you aren't familiar with the PERISCOPE app and you have an Android device, check it out. I've been able to watch...
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    Re: Don in the Press/Blogs/etc.

    Just saw a picture of Sophie in her "new place" in West L.A. and it looked a lot like the front room in the pictures so I wouldn't be surprised if she's living there. One way to ensure you kid lives...
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    Re: Get Better Soon, Timothy!

    Still in a boot last night in Columbus (although it's now a pneumatic boot) AND using the crutches again. :headshake::headscratch: BUT he sang ICTYW and LWKUA. Don assured everyone that Timothy's...
  7. Re: An Evening With the Eagles @ United Center - 3/14/18

    [QUOTE Yes, when I saw that video it seemed like 7 guitarists was a bit much. But I think his being there isnít to add anything to the show. I think itís more for his benefit, to add to his own...
  8. Re: Classic East New York City - July 29, 2017

    We found video of full songs - rather than portions - on Periscope. In fact, we watched it live and then downloaded the vids after. Hopefully the same will hold true for Seattle and Atlanta!
  9. Re: If Randy Could Have Joined the HOTE tour...

    I would have been thrilled to see Randy on the tour even if all he did was play and not step up to the microphone for a solo/lead vocal, maybe just a few words. And I think his inclusion would have...
  10. Re: United States-Should the drinking age be 18 again?

    I say keep it at 21. Although there are some responsible young people under that age, I feel that for the most part too few have the ability to make sound, reasonable, mature choices when it comes to...
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    Re: Timothy's Upcoming Album "Leap of Faith"

    SS, I got that same email this morning. Just a word of's that same iTunes link I used that redirected me to Wonderful Union for ordering.
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    Re: Timothy's Upcoming Album "Leap of Faith"

    I'm wishing I had done the same thing. Wonderful Union has already processed my payment - TWICE, despite their promise on Friday that one of my orders was being cancelled. They got a scathing email...
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    Re: Timothy's Upcoming Album "Leap of Faith"

    Brooke, if you don't have any luck with online ordering, try calling Wonderful Union directly. You can find their link online.
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    Re: Caption This!!!

    I figure with the new CD on the verge of release and a few great new photos out there, it's time for us to take a stab at some captions for this. I, for one, can think of several possibilities as I'm...
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    Re: Timothy's Upcoming Album "Leap of Faith"I've been

    Looking forward to getting my copies. Yes, that's multiple because I got the error message too. I wanted two but ended up with four. In hindsight I probably should have just ordered 3 more, then I...
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    Re: Randy's wife Lana has died

    It breaks my heart that Randy is dealing with another tragedy today instead of celebrating. I pray that his children will see their way clear to resolve their estrangement and give him the love and...
  17. Fan Gathering Celebrates the Eagles at Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

    Save the dates - April 29 & 30, 2016. I've learned that the RRHoF in Cleveland will announce on Monday their plans for a two-day celebration of the Eagles and GLENN in April! Don't know what they...
  18. Re: Would you be ok with the Eagles continuing without Glenn

    IMO, I simply can't envision the guys seeing their way clear to continue without Glenn. Eagles was his baby, his brainchild, and try as I may to picture someone else filling the void, there isn't a...
  19. Re: Remaining Eagles to honor Glenn Frey at the Grammy Awards

    Sadly the Grammys have DEvolved over the past 10-15 years from an evening to honor truly great performers into the circus that was on last night. I haven't watched it in ages because it has become...
  20. Re: Remaining Eagles to honor Glenn Frey at the Grammy Awards

    I'm sure many of you have seen this but wanted to put the link here. The guys were handed their Grammy for...
  21. Re: Remaining Eagles to honor Glenn Frey at the Grammy Awards

    I don't expect to see them on the Red Carpet and, in fact, I seriously doubt they'll be in the audience. We may see Jackson among the faces in the seats, but not the others.
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    Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

    This from today's LA Times...a pre-Grammy tribute to Glenn being held at the Troubador.
  23. Re: Remaining Eagles to honor Glenn Frey at the Grammy Awards

    I can't think of a more fitting way to pay homage to Glenn than what is planned for Monday night. It seems they all agreed that doing it themselves is the ONLY way to honor him and the inclusion of...
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    Re: Memorable Glenn sayings/lines

    "For the record, we never broke up. We just took a fourteen-year vacation."

    I've often wondered, despite countless comments and statements to the contrary, if somewhere in the back of their minds...
  25. Re: Don Henley and Joe Walsh to appear at Nashville Honors Gala on February 29th, 201

    Thanks for that info. Shun. I hadn't heard anything but wondered.
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