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  1. Re: Report Board Glitches and/or Ask about board issues

    Never mind, I figured out that you have to tick the "show signatures" box in settings.
  2. Re: Celebration of "But Seriously Folks..."

    I love everything about this album. It, along with Barnstorm, is Joe's best. All of side 1 is nothing but winners. On side 2, you could forget the instrumentals but they're interesting nonetheless....
  3. Re: Report Board Glitches and/or Ask about board issues

    Hi, I just started here and I customized my signature with a banner image and a quote. I made sure to save it, but now I can't see my signature under my posts. Do I have to post a certain amount to...
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    Re: Favorite Eagles Studio Albums

    1. Hotel California - A masterpiece. I'm in love with every track. 'The Last Resort' is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.

    2. The Long Run - A rough album with some big highlights. 'The...
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    Greetings from Colorado...

    I'm the newest new kid in town, my name's Zach, been an Eagles fan since '94 (grew up in the '80s constantly listening to Don Henley's Building the Perfect Beast album though). Big fan of Joe's '70s...
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