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  1. Recent Posting of an Old Don Henley Performance

    I didn't find this elsewhere on the Forum(s), so I hope I'm not bothering with a dup. I just saw this 2015 Henley performance was posted by the Howard Stern site about 5 days ago.

  2. Re: Author Misses Point of Hotel California...what do you think?

    I agree with you. In Henley's own words, it's a song about the under belly of the American dream.

    I formulated my question incorrectly and should have asked (as you pointed out) if the author's...
  3. Author Misses Point of Hotel California...what do you think?

    I ran across this article in another, non-Eagle forum this morning:

  4. The Band sues an actual Hotel California!

    Yahoo News just released an interesting tidbit (news is self explanatory):
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    Re: Eagles.... 3.0

    I saw this post yesterday when there were only 4 responses (I intentionally waited until today to post my response just to gauge the general Border response).

    I posted elsewhere in the forum that...
  6. Re: The California Eagles sight-seeing tour

    Hi all,
    well, I didn't get to make the January "gathering," but, my wife and I spent last week in and around Malibu/LA. And, the very first day, we took most of the tour suggested by Soda a while...
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    Re: Music Documentaries

    Two very good documentaries that are NOT about specific bands...both are available on Netflix:

    Muscle Shoals (as in Alabama)
    The Wrecking Crew

    These documentaries are about the studio...
  8. Poll: Re: Which was your first Eagles album?

    Ha!! Agree this is a great question (and smiled at all the "oldies" references....I are one too).

    Eagles was my first. In my personal introductory comments from a couple months ago, I explained...
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    Re: Eagles Tribute Bands

    So, Friday night, the wife and I ventured out to see "Hotel California," the Eagles tribute band. What follows is merely my opinion(s)....I am NOT a professional.....only a huge Eagles fan.

  10. Re: How did you become a fan of the Eagles/a specific Eagle?

    I became a fan during Christmas leave in December, 1972. The U.S. Air Force had seen fit to provide my 20 year old hide with a 13 month, all expenses paid, assignment in the Republic of Korea and I...
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