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    Feedback on 'Airbourne' album

    I think Don's 1983 solo album 'Airbourne' is similar in vibe to Patrick Simmons (member of The Doobie Brothers) 1983 album 'Arcade'.

    The musical 'rock and new wave' vibes of both albums sounds...
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    Re: Don Felder in the Press/Blogs/etc.

    Speaking of which, I think Don Felder should listen to this 'Guns N' Roses' song here for inspiration.

    Sometimes I feel like Don's beatin' a dead horse
    And I don't know why he'd be bringin' me...
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    Driving With Your Eyes Closed

    Hello I'm aware from interviews Don Henley doesn't like explaining in thorough detail the meaning of his songs; especially in regards to 'Hotel California'.

    However I've been attempting to locate...
  4. Don Felder - Classic Rock Magazine - May 2019

    A new article/interview with Don Felder from the May 2019 issue of Classic Rock magazine posted here to read.

    Click the 'green right arrow' to scroll right to read the entire article/interview.
  5. Re: UK Magazine Classic Rock December 2018 Features Eagles

    All good, fellow RUSH fans sometimes will say No Neil Peart - No RUSH.
  6. Re: UK Magazine Classic Rock December 2018 Features Eagles

    Hello I'm new to the forum. I was born on the release of the 'Hotel California' album.

    Here's the article about The Eagles from Classic Rock magazine.

    You have to scroll from left to right to...
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