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  1. Re: Timothy has a new song out.

    I really like the song - wonder if this means a new album is on the way?
  2. Re: Coming Up on November 19: Eagles Album Survivor

    No shun - This isn't the first time we've done this Survivor game, but I think it's been a really long time since we did it.

    I was concerned by the lack of response to this thread, so, hopefully,...
  3. Re: Coming Up on November 19: Eagles Album Survivor

    Yeah Austin - You are right. This is a regular Survivor game in which we will vote one album off each round until only one remains.
  4. Coming Up on November 19: Eagles Album Survivor

    We've played Survivor with songs on the albums - now we're going to vote for the albums. Which Eagles album prevail this time?

    The albums in play are:

    Eagles LP
    On the Border
  5. Re: Joe Walsh & Friends 3rd Annual Vets Aid Benefit in Houston, TX - Nov. 10, 2019

    Thanks for posting these everyone. I got home from Houston yesterday afternoon and Soda, Glennsallnighter, HoustonBaby, and myself are all exhausted so it will probably be awhile before we are able...
  6. Re: Bernie Speaks! A new interview with Mr. Leadon

    Thanks again, NMB, And NKIT - I pretty much agree with what you wrote except I thought the timeline for Glenn getting clean was a couple of years later. My recollection is his decision to finally...
  7. Re: Frey Fever : The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    You nailed it, CA.

    WOW!!! JUST WOW!!!
  8. Re: Celebration of "Eagles Live" Album

    A belated Happy Anniversary to Eagles Live.

    I also love this album. Probably my favorite live album by any band ever!

    And that is cool that you got Felder to sign the cover, ltef. And I laughed...
  9. Re: It would have been Glenn's 71st birthday today

    I want to also acknowledge Glenn's birthday. This is a day to celebrate his life - and what a life it was! He lived life to the fullest, even though he was taken from us way too soon. He left an...
  10. Re: Happy Birthday, JD Souther

    A day late, but ...


    Hope it was a good one and thanks for all the wonderful music!
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    Re: Name That Eagles Tune

    I Don't Want to Hear Any More


    play jazz on trombone
  12. Re: The Never Ending Song Game - Eagles Version

    After the Thrill is Gone
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    Re: The Never Ending Song Game

    Up on the Roof - The Drifters
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    Re: A Fun Song Game

    Every Breath You Take - The Police
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    Re: The Alphabetical Songs Game

    Killing Me Softly - Roberta Flack
  16. Re: Frey Fever : The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    Attagirl, pippin. Right on! :grin:
  17. Re: Bernie Speaks! A new interview with Mr. Leadon

    Thanks again from me too, NMB. I know we have complained a lot about how Beaudin has dragged this interview out for so long, but I will actually miss these little weekly snippets when it's done. My...
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    Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

    Wow - What a great find, NMB. Thank you so much ... I hadn't ever seen that either. I think it was very clever how he interjects Glenn's words and song lyrics into his tribute. I wonder if Bernie...
  19. Re: Frey Fever : The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    Thanks for that Let's Get Harry screenshot, Soda. It may not be Glenn's best look, but I wouldn't have turned it down for sure. Although the SOS/HFO are my favorite eras for Glenn as well, the man...
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    Re: Let's Get Harry

    I agree that Let's Get Harry is a pretty entertaining movie. It's not an A-list film, but it's certainly not awful either. I think Glenn holds his own against some really talented actors. Wish I had...
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    Re: South of Sunset

    For sure! I hope they still exist and will come out of hiding one day.
  22. Re: Celebration of "Hell Freezes Over"!

    Yeah groupie - I think the fact that they always had 4 lead vocalists is one of the things that made the Eagles so special - that is a real rarity for bands.

    And, as far as their looks in 1994, I...
  23. Re: Happy Birthday, Timothy.


    I hope you are having a wonderful birthday with family and friends. Your music has touched people all over the globe - not too shabby for a white boy from Sacramento!
  24. Re: Celebration of "Long Road Out of Eden"!


    In some ways, it seems like it was only yesterday since it's release. I think this album stands up well against the band's other work. I'm glad we got 20 songs...
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    Re: Name That Eagles Tune

    Pretty Maids All in a Row


    there's a big black crow
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