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    Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

    I decided that two of Glenn's lifelong friends could pay tribute to Glenn much better than I can. Therefore, I am reposting videos by Bob Seger and a video and poem by Jack Tempchin. We miss you...
  2. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    Okay - We're at the last post - 2011 - 2016 ...
  3. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    And now, moving into the new millennium ...
  4. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    Glad you popped in Brooke. Good to hear from you.

    And now - is anybody ready for some 90's ???
  5. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    And heeerrrees the 80's ...
  6. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    And let's not forget the 70's ...
  7. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    1960s ...
  8. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    Glenn left us six years ago today. In loving memory of his remarkable life, I'm going to post some of my favorite pictures of him throughout the decades. Even though he was born, of course, in 1948,...
  9. Betty White 1/17/1922 - 12/31/2021

    I decided to wait until today to post this thread since it marks what would have been Betty White's 100th birthday. Unfortunately, she passed away on New Year's Eve just a couple of weeks shy of this...
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    Re: Corona Virus

    CA - That quote is so true and that is what scares me. I'm sorry to hear that you contracted Covid, but hope you are okay now. Thank goodness you were vaccinated and boosted. It really does matter!
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    Re: Name That Eagles Tune

    Do Something


    my hair hurts
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    Re: The Alphabetical Song Game

    Where the Boys Are - Connie Francis
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    Re: A Fun Song Game

    My Happiness - Connie Francis
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    Re: The Never Ending Song Game

    Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places - Johnny Lee
  15. Re: Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band

    Thanks for posting that, Delilah. When I get a chance, I'm going to watch the whole thing. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Corona Virus

    Thanks to everyone for your condolences on the loss of my cousin. I appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts.
  17. Re: Timothy's videos on YouTube and other video sites

    Thanks again, Scamp. What Eagles fan doesn't love that song!
  18. Re: Glenn Videos on YouTube and other video sites

    GA - I can't wait for the world to open up again either so we can get a Border trip together.

    And thanks for posting that link to Glenn's Song, Scamp. It is so heartfelt.
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    Re: Starstruck

    Hope you get to see them again too, MJ. I miss reading your posts about Kelly and the band.
  20. Re: Frey Fever - The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    WOW!!! That worked, FF ... I think the temperature just rose by about 5 in about 3 seconds. :wink: :grin:
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    Re: What's Happening In Your Life?

    Glad to hear from you as well, KW. It's always good when some of our members check in after a long absence. Glad all is going well with you.

    And NKIT I echo your sentiment 100%. Sending a...
  22. Re: Eagles videos on YouTube or other sites

    Thanks for those, Scamp. I don't think I had ever heard that Glenn and Felder interview before - it was very interesting.
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    Re: Kennedy Centre Honorees

    Thanks y'all for the reminders of the band's 5th anniversary honoree celebration.
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    Re: Joe in the Press/Blogs/etc.

    Very cool that Joe answered some of your questions, shun. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch this.
  25. Re: Celebration of "Hotel California" Album!

    On Christmas Day in 1976, the Hotel California album was certified Platinum. I just happened to run across this article the other day, so I thought I'd post it to once again recognize one of the best...
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