I have a few books about the Eagles. When reading them I find remembering who wrote it and that the book is their point of view on what went on makes it more enjoyable to me. Even Kristen's book, she was as high as Joe most of the time. In the early days of the Eagles they all were high, drinking, partying and drugs, so it can really make some differences in what they remember. I only saying this because as I've read post on this thread, sometimes people get mad at what someone printed about their favorite Eagle or the Eagles in general. Also some don't want to read some books because of the same reasons. I say take the book and read it, take it for what it is, just someone's opinion. Most of the books I've found to be very entertaining, even funny at times. They all have lots of information about the Eagles from different points of view. Besides, I'm getting tired of sitting home all day watching tv. LOL It's nice to have another form of entertainment.
Read them and enjoy them. Take what you want from them and disregard the rest if you want.
Peace and Love.