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I read this when you first posted, CA, but, I forgot to comment. Glad the thread was revived and triggered my memory. I really enjoyed reading this too, especially the last part ...

"Glenn Frey was why I loved the Eagles, he was one of the reasons I wanted to play music, and most importantly, he made it seem like something I could do. I could never be John Lennon, but as stupid as it sounds—and trust me, even then, I knew how idiotic it was—that young version of me felt like I could be Glenn Frey, or at least a version of him. For about three years, I was, too.

And to this day, every time I play that funky D chord, I think of him.

Rest in peace, Mr. Frey."

That's a very lovely tribute - I bet Glenn would love it.
Yes I think more than any formal accolades this is the way he would love to be remembered, by someone watching him do what he loved best, appreciating it and then applying it to his own music