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Thread: Ontario Highway Alert--VERY important for Rama!!!

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    Default Re: Ontario Highway Alert--VERY important for Rama!!!

    Thanks for the warning Bree!


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    Default Ontario Highway Alert--VERY important for Rama!!!

    Attention everybody driving from Buffalo!!!

    There is a LOT of construction on that first highway you are on, the QEW/highway 403. There is no easy shortcut, when I was coming down here to Indiana there was one but it was using local roads and I don't want to get y'all lost... At least 2 lanes are closed from Fort Erie to Burlington, which works out to almost your whole way to the 427. Leave LOTS of time!!! When I was coming down here, it took us a good solid hour to get what is normally a 20 minute drive out of Toronto, and the bus driver was saying the day before, he had gotten stuck on that stretch of highway for 3 hours. Now that was going back towards Buffalo, but according to the Ministry of Transportation it is both ways, and there was heavy traffic on the other side as well.

    I know you're getting into Buffalo early and all...I just thought I'd warn you because I don't want anyone stopping for too long in New York State and missing our Sugar! The weather is supposed to be beautiful for Friday and Saturday...around 80 for Friday and 70 for Saturday, sunny both days. Woot!


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    Default Re: Ontario Highway Alert--VERY important for Rama!!!

    Seems you have the same problems over there as we have. A truck took out a bridge in Plymouth today, closed roads all day, mercifully no one injured.


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