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Thread: The Who

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickmullen View Post
    I would be honored to get hit in the head by one of Moonie's sticks!

    I caught a drumstick at a Journey concert one time....not even close.

    It was quite fabulous, until the weight of the crowd was upon me trying to get the drumstick.

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    Tom Wright is a photographer who got to know Pete Townsend at Art School and acted as The Who's road manager for their first US tour. A few years ago he published a book about his experiences. It's really, really good and if you're a Who fan, you should get it (there's also stories about his experiences with other bands including Joe Walsh, Eagles and JD Souther).

    Wright gave a lot of photos to The University of Texas at Austin, and they've now put up an exhibition of a hundred photos - mostly of The Who - on a website.
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    Thanks for the find, UTW. Joe was his usual charming and funny self in the videotaped speech, and I love all the photos of the band. Tom even managed to capture a rare shot that featured Roger and his beautiful wife, Heather.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeA View Post
    Touring with stops scheduled in Australia. Has anyone heard them recently? Just wondering if they still "have it together?"

    March 21 North Harbour Stadium Aukland, New Zealand
    March 24 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, Australia
    March 26 Adelaide Entertainment Centre Adelaide, Australia
    March 29 Forumula 1 Grand Prix Melbourne, Australia
    March 31 Sydney Acer Arena Sydney, Australia
    April 4 Members Equity Stadium Perth, Australia
    This is an old thread, but I am new and just navigating around.

    We saw The Who in Dallas about this time last year

    Blew the roof off American Airlines Center.

    Awesome show, those guys can still rock.

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    I love the who... I was just listening to them. they are a class act indeed and I really need to catch a live show one day

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    I like them, but not as much as I did when I was 17-18 years old. Good hard rocking sounds, but Pete Townshend often gets quite preachy for my tastes(Maharishi, the little boy who heard music, etc). They did put out quite a few good tunes. Having said that, I wish they'd just hang it up already(same goes for the Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foreigner, Boston, etc). Daltrey & Townshend aren't the only two who made the who what they were(may Moon & Entwistle RIP).

    Top 10 Who songs:

    1. Going Mobile
    2. We're Not Gonna Take it
    3. The Real Me
    4. Bargain
    5. I'm Free
    6. I Can't Explain
    7. Tommy Overture
    8. Slip Kid
    9. Call Me Lightning
    10. The Good's Gone
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