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Thread: Hearing the Eagles or solo songs unexpectedly!

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    Default Re: Hearing the Eagles or solo songs unexpectedly!

    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    I heard "Heart of the Matter" in CVS today - which was very appropriate because a lot of forgiveness was necessary.

    They kept me waiting for an hour while they supposedly filled my prescription - only to tell me that they actually didn't have my medicine after all! This after they hadn't picked up the phone when I'd called earlier... they just left me on hold for an hour (I left the phone on to see if they'd ever answer it, and it cut off after 60 minutes).

    But I think it's about forgiveness... forgiveness... even if they don't serve me very well.
    Wow - You definitely needed that song for inspiration, soda! That kind of poor service is inexcusable so I'm sure you needed to muster up a whole lot of empathy for that kind of forgiveness. If it were me, I might try to find another pharmacy though. lol

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    Default Re: Hearing the Eagles or solo songs unexpectedly!

    Soda, what a bummer!
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