As a general point, it is of course possible for musicians to write autobiographies and not even get in the boat, let alone rock it.

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson released his two years ago and it basically follows the pattern of only talking about what is truly his to tell. As such, the majority of the book is about his upbringing, extensive side projects and cancer diagnosis (and survival, thankfully!); the Iron Maiden bits he could have easily written the entire book on are simply kept to matter of fact accounts with a little bit of insider info and funny tales from the road. That's it. No backstabbing, baiting or provocation; more like a working journal entry. (As an aside, the book also doesn't discuss his 'personal' life: there is not one reference to his wife or children!)

It is different for Felder as I think he did feel the need to have his say on the Eagles and his tenure; but for the likes of Joe especially, who has worked with dozens of famous names in the industry, been in a lot of bands and has certainly a colourful private life (both good and bad), he could easily tell his tale focusing almost exclusively when the Eagles weren't at the forefront of his life. Henley could easily write his on his upbringing and extensive solo career and social and political causes. Glenn could have done the same, especially on his work in his later years in colleges etc.

In all honesty I am sick of the Eagles political story from all sides. What's done is done. In the 70s they were young, scarily successful, exhausted and absolutely off their respective boxes on coke and other unhelpful substances. We've had subsequent decades of arguments, books, legal challenges and documentaries that has degenerated the greatest American band of all time into two distinct camps of Saint Felder and ******* Frey/Henley. What I really want from Henley and Joe (and Bernie / Randy / TBS to a lesser extent) is a documentary of their lives before and after the Eagles; how Joe Walsh came to front two superb bands in his early days, how Bernie became so immersed in country music, how Henley got into Thoreau and all his environmental causes. That's what I would love to hear.