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Thread: Glenn Videos on YouTube and other video sites

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    Default Re: Glenn Videos on YouTube and other video sites

    Itís probably been posted here at some point, but this is an interview from 1986 where Glenn talks about his new acting career and his recent movie at the time, Letís Get Harry. At the very end, the interviewer and Glenn joke around and get a little raunchy.

    The video appears after clicking on the link.

    Edit: oops, turns out it was a different TV station so side note deleted due to faulty memory and aging mind!!
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    Default Re: Glenn Videos on YouTube and other video sites

    Thanks for reposting that interview, Delilah. I enjoyed watching it again. It's also very timely since the anniversary of Let's Get Harry is coming up next week. And OMG - Glenn is so handsome in that video ... he literally takes my breath every time I watch it.

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