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    Default Fan from the Big Apple!

    Hi Everyone
    My name is Patrick (go by Pat) and I live in NYC.
    How exciting to find this site (searching stuff about Don Felder’s book).
    I’ve been an Eagles fan since I was 14 years old (for the record I’m in my 40s now).
    My brother gave me their first record and I’ve been a fan ever since.
    My favorite line up is the original four-though my favorite record is “On The Border.”
    I remember as a kid how little there was to know about them. A line here or there in a magazine-I remember going into Korvettes (a NY department store) and seeing Hotel California (I was 15 at the time) and I wasn’t even sure if that was the same “Eagles” as the ones that made “One of These Nights.” I had to ask “Is this the same Eagles??”
    I’m sure for young people on this board that’s hard to imagine.
    I used to play in an Eagles cover band – I played drums and sang (I was the Don of the group)- He and Levon Helm from the Band were huge influences on me. Anyone can tell you singing and playing the drums at the same time aint easy. I’ve always thought Don was an underrated drummer. He’s incredibly solid (saw them in ’77 & ‘79).
    To be honest, I haven’t followed them too much lately. I did buy “To The Limit” and “Heaven and Hell”-and I watch them on tv and stuff…I need to catch up!
    That’s why I’m so happy I found this board!

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    Default Re: Fan from the Big Apple!

    Well Pat--welcome!!!! I am also 40ish and been a fan since I was a kid so I can totally relate to everything you said!! I hope you enjoy it here and please feel free to contribute as much as you can. We always like hearing from a man's point of view. But as our own MikeA will tell you--please try to overlook it when us ladies go on our "freckle counting" sprees!
    He sings it high, he plays it low

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    Default Re: Fan from the Big Apple!

    Hey Pat and welcome, Im also 40ish (I like that a heck of a lot better then saying Im 46 *G*) but my enlightenment has only come in the last 10 years of so, although I've always liked the Eagles music. Glad to have you aboard! Like Wilie said, you'll just have to ignore the freckle counting going on here. Mike does a good job of that hehehe. Im a Joe girl (in case you havent guessed that yet)
    We (my Husband and I) Lives in New York for a bout 3 years, up state, in Nanuet, but I worked In the City a lot at the Foundling Hospital. I really learned to love it there and I miss it. I have to tell you, once you get to know the people there, they are some of the kindest most giving people I've even met. (no matter what reputation they have *G*)

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    Default Re: Fan from the Big Apple!

    Hi Pat! Welcome!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Fan from the Big Apple!

    Hello Pat Welcome To The Border


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    Default Re: Fan from the Big Apple!

    Welcome from me, too, Pat! Glad you found us. If you like the Eagles, you will like it here.

    I'm over 40ish and that's all I'm sayin'! I've loved this band since the very beginning and never quit. During that 14 year vacation, hubby and I played their albums and wished they would get back together and planned that somehow, someway, we would go see them if 'hell froze over'. Well, we missed the HFO tour, but finally got to see them in 2002, 2003 and again in 2008 and again exactly 1 month ago today. They were fantastic each time. Their music is timeless.

    It's great to have another guy's perspective here, so just join right in!
    "They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
    1948-2016 Gone but not forgotten

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