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Thread: Thackerville, OK 5-17-09

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Jess & Lou, I am thrilled that you had such a terrific time! I talked to Kelly today and she told me all about the show last night, including the fact that you each got a pic. That is wonderful!
    Plus, no UPS--the man looks gorgeous--GORGEOUS!!!!--in black!

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    I'm so glad that you both had such a good time. great pics... and great picks! Don looks great in his casual wear.

    Let's all keep Lou in our thoughts as she makes the long flight back home.
    ~ Cathy ~

    And I dream I'm on vacation 'Cause I like the way that sounds,
    It's a perfect occupation for me.

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Quote Originally Posted by DonFan View Post

    Within the context of a song about time and forgiveness, Henley, in an obvious acknowledgement of the passing of time and his own fleeting relevancy, sang, “fans seem to scatter” instead of “friends seem to scatter.”

    An insignificant error, you might be tempted to surmise. But for a guy like Henley, this was no error.

    Indeed, it must be difficult – no matter what the paycheck – looking at a roomful of mostly gray hair and the inevitable downslide of one's career.

    And perhaps this, though unspoken, was what the night was about. It was about an aging rocker-poet coming to terms with his own demise in front of an aging audience confronting its own.

    “This is a show for has-beens,” a woman said with an air of regret before the show began. I didn’t want to honor her repellant suggestion. But in the end, she was right. Time, no matter the magnitude of talent, will not be denied.

    Surely Don Henley knew – and knows – as much.

    Overall a fairly good review, but I think the writer must've been feeling HIS own mortality a bit. Has-beens? I don't think so!

    Black button-down and faded jeans--YES!!!
    I straight out do not believe the 'fans' seem to scatter bit. These are some of the harshest comments I have ever read, and as for the 'downslide of one's career' that is laughable.

    If the guy didn't want to honour the 'repellent suggestion' why then did he agree with it?

    I am just glad that Troub & Peek saw through this rubbish. The photos were superb.

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Love the photos! Glad you girls had such a good time!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Peek and Troub, sounds like you both had a fantastic time together. Both nights seemed to have went well. Thank for the pics! I'm so happy to hear that Don was working the crowd and having fun too.

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Quote Originally Posted by Glennsallnighter View Post
    Well Lou and Jess I'm so delighted that you had such a good time, and that you got some recognition from Don Lou! And that guitar pick.......WOW!!!! I'd KILL for one like that!

    Beautiful photographs as well. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you Lou when you get home (When IS that BTW?)

    Uh oh......Troub,'d better stay away!

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Great photos!
    I am glad that you both had a good time!
    "For the record, we never broke up, we just took a 14-year vacation!"
    (Glenn Frey)

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Quote Originally Posted by Troubadour View Post

    I'd be telling porkies

    Sorry-but that just cracks me up!!!

    Lou and Jess--I am just so pleased for you both! Sounds like a awesome few days!!

    Do we know the story on how Christie got the picks? I'd love to hear it!
    He sings it high, he plays it low

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    Seriously. My favourite.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peekaboo View Post

    Thanks again for all your well-wishes and thoughts. We've been thinking of you guys throughout this trip.

    I'm home now and I've loaded my photos onto the computer. I don't have very many, but this is what I've got. I can't believe quite how good he looked.

    you better put it all behind you, baby, 'cause life goes on
    you keep carrying that anger, it'll eat you up inside--

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    Default Re: Don in Thackerville, OK

    He looks GREAT, Troub, thanks for posting the pics!

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