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Thread: Celebration of "Inside Job"

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    Default Re: Celebration of "Inside Job"

    Quote Originally Posted by shunlvswx View Post
    Happy 21st Birthday to Inside Job. The album is now legal to drink. lol

    Well - I missed the party, but I'll toast the anniversary of Inside Job anyway.

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    Happy Belated Anniversary to Inside Job!!

    This is a really solid effort by Don that I appreciate more than when I first heard it. “Goodbye to a River” initially seemed drab but it has really grown on me. That being said, there are a couple of clunkers (“For My Wedding” - ugh).

    This album is also notable to me not only for the Heartbreakers collaboration but b/c of the co-write by John Corey, who also worked with Randy during his solo career.

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    Default Re: Celebration of "Inside Job"

    I'm way late to this discussion, but Inside Job grew on me too. I could take or leave Taking You Home, but I love Goodbye to A River, My Thanksgiving, and Everything is Different Now.

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