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Thread: Happy Birthday to Above The Clouds

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    Default Happy Birthday to Above The Clouds

    Hard to believe its a year since Glenn's posthumous album was released. I like it and its great to have another collection from him, but I'm kind of sorry that there was no new material on it. I'm sure there must be some unique unreleased music somewhere. However it is a very eclectic release of his hits throughout the years and some nice photos added as well
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to Avove The Clouds

    I agree GA. I'm glad this was released - I love having the Longbranch Pennywhistle album and the Live in Dublin DVD. I had them before, but not in the high quality that these are.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to Avove The Clouds

    I had been unable to acquire the Dublin video, and also did not have the Longbranch Pennywhistle record, so I was thrilled to get them. Although with his limited catalog, I felt a "Complete Works" album should have been released. Still a great collection for a really great price, and I would encourage fans to seek it out. Albums worth of music and a concert DVD--and I think I paid around $24!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to Above The Clouds

    Wow - can't believe it's been a year! Yes, this is a must have for the Frey fan!

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