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Thread: Celebration of "No Fun Aloud"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooke View Post
    I wonder what? Strange!
    Some legal restriction or financial demands made by the Asylum record label perhaps (The Allnighter and all subsequent solo albums were recorded on the MCA label rather than Asylum right up until After Hours)? Something like Asylum owning the masters and Glenn being unwilling to come to terms with them or something, so he does workarounds like using the live version of "The One You Love" and just ignores the rest? I'm just completely speculating, folks, and maybe I'm way off base, but I do think it's something akin to that, where some kind of restriction or financial issue is keeping the music off any Greatest Hits collection rather than it being an artistic choice.

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    That's soo sad. I still don't know why Glenn and Don went with Asylum for their solo career. They both had problems with them.

    Even if its speculation, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason. Luckily Don didn't have this problem with his music, but that sad about No Fun Aloud.

    Don't trust a guy who burned you before. IMO It looks like a payback from what the Eagles did in the 70s when they sued Asylum for their rights on their songs.

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    My second favorite Glenn album as well... But, depending on the mood, I'll reach for it first.

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