Okay - I am going to post the results of our poll. As I said earlier, I have tallied the results by combining the most recent lists with the results from the last poll. I am not including my own list or Freypower's, or Brooke's since we all participated previously. So, the top spot remains unchanged - the song with the most points is the Take it to the Limit. In second place is One of These Nights, followed closely by Lyin’ Eyes. So congratulations to the awesome Take It To the Limit and here are the rest of the results ...

1.) Take It To the Limit – 162 points
2.) One of These Nights – 152 points
3.) Lyin' Eyes – 146 points
4.) After the Thrill Is Gone – 137 points
5.) Hollywood Waltz – 91 points
6.) Too Many Hands – 83 points
7.) Visions – 60 points (tie for 7th and 8th place)
8.) I Wish You Peace – 60 points (tie for 7th and 8th place)
9.) Journey of the Sorcerer – 54 points

As always, thanks to those who participated and if anyone else wants to post their list, please feel free, and I will update the results.