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Thread: Celebration of "One of These Nights"!

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    Default Re: Celebration of "One of These Nights"!

    Quote Originally Posted by Delilah View Post
    I love “Island Girl”! We had the 45 record at the time. It has an exciting vibrant feel to it and some creative transitions. I don’t necessarily agree it should have been #1, but it was constantly on the radio.

    I recognize most of the songs on this chart and AFAIK, very few of those artists are still active; several are no longer with us. KC and the Sunshine Band and Frankie Vallee from the Four Seasons still perform; I’m not sure if the ABBA hologram tour counts. Elton John does still tour but he hasn’t played “Island Girl” in years, probably b/c it’s not very PC. The Eagles have had the highest profile touring-wise out of all them save Elton, so it’s a testament to the notion that constant touring and playing certain songs do help keep them alive and to “stand the test of time.” I don’t listen to 70s oldies radio - how often are any of these songs heard there? That would be interesting to know.

    Considering Lying Eyes is a country song, #2 is a very respectable position on the pop chart!
    The Eagles songs survived all through the 80s when they weren't touring because of radio airplay. Listening to the lyrics, I can see what you mean about "Island Girl" not being PC, and I can see why it wouldn't get aired out much today onstage or on the radio. As for the others, I don't listen to radio as much now, but I listened to classic rock radio a lot back in the day. The radio station I listened to played several of those artists a lot - just not those particular songs.

    Interestingly, the songs that I have heard from the list, the ones that got played a lot on my radio station, are actually toward the bottom of that list: "S.O.S.", "That's the Way I Like It," "Born to Run," "Saturday Night" (Bay City Rollers), and "Dance With Me." (I never heard "Keep on Tryin'" until I got into the Eagles.)

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    Default Re: Celebration of "One of These Nights"!

    Yeah - the question of why songs survive is kinda like the chicken and the egg. As far as the Eagles songs, I agree with what the band used to say ... they survived as a group and got radio play and had successful tours because of their songs, not the other way around. It's all about song power - they were hugely successful because they wrote, sang, and played great songs that had mass appeal. At least that's what I believe.

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    Default Re: Celebration of "One of These Nights"!

    Most definitely because of the songs. The Eagles songs have so many great lyrics! I was listening to the HC album all weekend and it just made me take in so many different and beautiful phrases I had kind of forgotten about. Every song on the album!

    Not to say they didn't write some forgettable songs, think Greeks or Teenage Jail, but mostly they put out quality music.

    Back to the discussion of OOTN! (Great songs there too, of course!)
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