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Thread: Eagles recieve award November 2005

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    Well, sadly I have an obsessive memory about certain details and remember the June reference from Nancy's Twickenham review.

    WitchyMummy noticed that Glenn seemed to have a sniffle he kept wiping his nose. I hope he felt OK his performance was great, but as he stood in the shadows while Don was spotlit for Desperado, I saw him kind of rub his forehead, and I wonder if he had a sinus headache or something!
    Aaww, poor Glenn. And he wasn't at that Silver Clef lunch that day.


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    Maybe that's what I was thinking of. I really can't remember now. The Sac show was so awesome I was kinda in a daze. It was the best concert experience I'd ever had...until Rama.


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    Ah, Sac - what a night! Sigh.

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