Today is Monday,August 31 in Australia. It's just over a month until October 2 when I celebrate the 30th anniversary of being 'chosen' by Glenn.

I don't really know what the best way of celebrating this event is. I did think though that I could show off my panoply of avatars as that is one thing that makes me 'distinguishable' on The Border. I thought that instead of changing them every week, I would change them every day, and why not change the signatures as well, because I have more than enough. I could even change them during the day if someone remembers an av or sig they particularly like. To me this is about Glenn, not me. I'm just proud to have been a fan of him for so long.

I asked a couple of our wallpaper 'experts' in chat the other day if they could try and make a commemorative type wallpaper for me. If any of our other wallpaper or banner experts have any ideas for something like this I would appreciate it. I have made a banner for the actual anniversary which I'm quite pleased with.

So if you see different avatars and sigs beside my name every day during this coming month and you wonder why, that's it.