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Thread: It's my Borderversary!!!

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    Default Re: It's my Borderversary!!!

    Jess, Count me amongst those who think the Border is a better place with you here. You never fail to make me smile! Here's to many many more years of posting on the Border!!
    He sings it high, he plays it low

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    Default Re: It's my Borderversary!!!

    Awww, thanks everybody!!! I feel the same about all of you. I can't imagine a better group of people that I would want to share my love of the Eagles with...well, except maybe the Eagles themselves . But seriously, thanks for all of the kind words. You are all really amazing people. I had such a wonderful time while Lou was here and it was also great getting to meet Brooke in Columbia as well as getting to meet Dana (aka Donfan) a couple times. I look forward to meeting more Borderers in the future.

    Soda, great idea about a Border get together . I'm all for that.

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    Such a fine sight to see."

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    Congratulations, Jess! It's been a great pleasure to have you on board. You have really been a fantastic contributor to this wonderful community. Long may you keep posting!
    This way to happiness...

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    Be part of something good,
    Leave something good behind.

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    Default Re: It's my Borderversary!!!

    Congratulations, Jess! Thank you for all the time & effort that you have put into all your posts. Very much appreciated & enjoyed.

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