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Thread: Celebration of "The Long Run"!

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    Default Re: Celebration of "The Long Run"!

    I like Teenage Jail! Not half as much as I like Heartache Tonight, but I won't skip it if it comes on.

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    Default Re: Celebration of "The Long Run"!

    We are now up to 7. Can we reach 10?!

    Chaim - I wish I knew. I'd almost say it sounds like a Joe riff but I could be wrong. That string bending sounds Life's Been Good-ish. I'm just guessing.

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    Default Re: Celebration of "The Long Run"!

    Well, Heartache Tonight clearly ranks near the top of my Eagles favorite songs. It is out-of-this-world awesome IMHO!

    And you can also count me in as one who likes Teenage Jail. Here's what I wrote in my album review near the beginning of this thread ...

    "Okay, while I agree that this is not the bandís best work, neither do I think it is horrible. I guess their experiment to reach out to a younger audience didnít work that well. I like Glennís vocals, and the lyrics and guitars are very effective in creating a ďteenage jailĒ. Iím not crazy about Donís echo in the second verse, but itís effective in achieving a mood of teenage turmoil. I enjoy listening to the song when I play the album, but it wonít make it on any ďbest ofĒ compilation".

    I still feel pretty much the same way about it.

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