I can't be as elaborate as GTLO's dream setlist because I don't have his musical knowledge, but I will specify leads and link to the versions I have where these guys sing lead if possible.

I'm structuring this like an Eagles show - long, but with a break, and inclusive of a few solo songs.

Here's how mine would go down:

Earlybird (Bernie lead - but no lame bird sound effects)
How Long (First Bernie, then Felder, then Randy, then Bernie again)
Victim of Love (Felder lead)
Too Many Hands (Randy lead)
Witchy Woman (Felder and Bernie trade off leads - I think that would be interesting)
Heavy Metal (Felder lead)
Certain Kind of Fool (Randy lead)
Bitter Creek (Bernie lead)
Saturday Night (Randy lead)
Hollywood Waltz (Bernie lead)


Journey of the Sorcerer
Midnight Flyer (Randy lead)
Lazy Day (Bernie lead)
Visions (Felder lead)
Everybody Want (Bernie lead)<--- THIS would take on an extra layer of meaning now with the "You sue me, I'll sue you" line - at least for Felder!
Hearts on Fire (Randy lead)
Train Leaves Here This Morning (Bernie lead)
Most of Us Are Sad (Randy lead)
Those Shoes (Felder lead)
As Time Goes On (Bernie lead)
My Man (Bernie lead)
Try and Love Again (Randy lead)
Hotel California (Felder lead)

1st Encore
Take It Easy (Randy lead)
Twenty-One (Bernie lead)
Already Gone (Felder lead)

2nd Encore
Take It to the Limit (Randy lead)
Seven Bridges Road (re-arranged for three part harmony, although as such it might lose power. Hard to say)
I Wish You Peace (Bernie lead)

3rd Encore (hey, it's a DREAM setlist right? So I say there's a third encore! lol)
One More Song (Randy lead - change "We were known as the Silveradoes" to "We were known as Earlybird" - lyrics are ideal for a last song/third encore)