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Thread: Rosemont - Chicago, IL 11/9/09

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    Default Re: Rosemont - Chicago, IL 11/9/09

    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    Steph, I didn't realize you were at this show, too! I would have loved to have said "hi." I'm sorry I missed you.

    I didn't realise you were going to this show either. Sorry we didn't get to say hello.
    Where were you sitting? my seat was Section 103, Row C seat 6. Not a bad seat and a good view of Will.

    I also went to the Boston show & the Atlantic City show - I'll post photo's when I get around to sorting out the best ones.

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    Default Re: Rosemont - Chicago, IL 11/9/09

    I was sitting second row pit, catty corner to Don on the left (facing the stage). You might have seen me stand up a few times - white top with stripes. Too bad we missed each other!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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