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Thread: Joe Videos on YouTube and other video sites

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    Default Re: Joe Videos on YouTube and other video sites

    Quote Originally Posted by WalshFan88 View Post
    I have to admit this, as much as I hate to (about the tearing up part).

    While watching one of the LBG clips, I teared up watching Joe really into it and having fun.

    Thinking about how happy I am that he is sober and healthy and happy. He really looks amazing and is truly playing better every day, which is amazing because he was always a great guitarist. I look at the photos and videos in the 90s and it makes me sad, even the ones where he is playing good... HFO was when he was starting to come around but some of those solo late 80s/early 90s pictures make me so sad to think we might have lost him. I'm so glad Joe got sober and I hope that one of these years I might actually meet him and tell him how much his music means to me. He's such a nice person I think and IMO the funniest rockstar out there. He really comes across as having no ego and an Ordinary Average Guy, as the song says.

    I absolutely agree, Austin!!! I ran across a site that has notes that Joe has posted with replies about a lot of different things, including something I never knew.....he lost his only daughter to a freak car accident in '74 and he tells how writing a couple of songs helped him deal with the grief:

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    Default Re: Joe Videos on YouTube and other video sites

    Thanks for the link, Austin. I am so happy that Joe got his act together before it was too late. He definitely had a very troubled life and never managed to have a stable relationship most of his years as evidenced by his 5 marriages. He married his second wife - Emma's mom, Stephany, in the early 70's and their relationship couldn't survive the strain of Emma's death. Then, in the early 80's, he married Juanite (Jodi) and their daughter, Lucy, was born in 1982. That marriage didn't last because of Joe's increasing addiction. He met his fourth wife, Denise, in rehab. They have two sons, Alden and Emerson, and married in the late 90's. Unfortunately, this marriage didn't last either. But, finally, as a recovering addict, Joe seems to have found true happiness and appears to have met his soulmate in Marjorie. They married in 2008 and seem to still be going strong. As I've said many times, he is such an inspiration to those suffering from addiction and proof that life is so much better once you are sober.

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