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Thread: Randy's voice

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstraeaLunaAvani View Post
    I love that song, too, Mary! Randy is my favorite ex-Eagle and his voice makes all his songs special! And I am from Hastings, i'm sure you know where that is...although right now I have a job where I am in North Dakota most of the time. Are you going to be seeing them when they come through this summer? I am going to miss the Minneapolis show due to my job but I am driving to Milwaukee to see them in July!
    "Try Love Again" effected me that way. I halways listened to the Eagles ever since they came out. They were deffenantly part of the "California Sound". As I got older I started playing violin and then Bass and eventually guitar. Randy's song "Try Love Again" became my song after a nasty break-up, I felt used up and it felt as my heart was ripped out. Randy's song was the first song I learned note for note on the gutar, it felt as if he wrote it for me. I have loved him ever since then and still trying to find his solo CD's which should be in any day now. I have a man-crush on Randy! Drew Williams:

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    Welcome, Drew. You're not the only guy around these parts, and certainly not the only one with a man crush on Randy!!

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    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitcap View Post
    Hmm... I've done that with a few songs but not with Take it Easy. I'll need to try that some time. Have y'all heard Randy's version of Take it Easy?
    Thought I'd check that out....
    "My manís got it made; heís gone far beyond the pain
    And we who must remain go on living just the same..."

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