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Thread: Former Eagles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funk 50 View Post
    Bernie Leadon was on the tour. Scott Crago, Steuart Smith and a bunch of others were too. Randy would've been if he was willing and able.

    At the end of the last show Glenn gave Bernie a hug and told him "this is not the end" How can you say, Bernie wasn't there anymore?

    I don't think of Glenn, Don, Joe and Tim as the Eagles. I see the Eagles as faceless. A band of musicians depending on which track is playing. Some tracks on Long Road Out Of Eden heavily featured Smith and Hollis, I'm sure Joe Walsh is absent on some tracks. I don't know about a newspaper headline.

    On a point of pedantry, Bernie and Randy didn't come and go, they were there at the beginning.

    That's news to me

    I understand anybody being unable to call Glenn a "Former Eagle" so soon after his death but the fact is, it's the accurate description.
    The only thing I can say about Bernie is he was on the last tour as a special guest and yes, it was very enjoyable and Glenn told him there would be more. But as far as we know he was never asked to become an Eagle again though. Scott, Steuart, and the others have never been Eagles although they do make a huge contribution. I dare say if you asked one of them if they were in the Eagles, they would say they work for the Eagles.

    Faceless Eagles? Sorry, I can't even imagine a faceless Eagles. These four have been there for too long and are ingrained in my mind as the band.

    I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this. Every one has their own opinion about who the Eagles are.
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    Default Re: Former Eagles

    The final four are very similar to the First 4 IMHO.

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