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Thread: Randy Meisner in the Press

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    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    Wow! What a cool find! I love little things like this.
    I am fairly certain this Mercury was NOT on the album cover. It is my understanding from my father that Randy had several Mercuries and this was just one of them. This is not a restored car, but a custom car that Randy owned. I did LOVE the green one on the album cover, though!

    Here is another image of the car that I took.

    #1950 #Mercury #Vintage #classic #car #lowrider #leadsled #customcar #ratrod #graffiti by Micheal Peterson, on Flickr

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    What a cool old car! Thanks HP!
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    Hello HuskerPete, welcome to The Border!

    Thanks for posting the picture and for the info. Randy was such a car guy and owning one that he used to drive is so cool!

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