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    Default before the bands

    I thought it might be interesting for some to hear a remembrance of Glenn Frey before he started playing in rock bands. I was in the the high school band at Dondero in Royal Oak at the same time he was. I didn't know him personally, but knew of him, he was a year ahead of me and lived nearby. He played in the marching band and was known as somewhat of a prodigy. I am not sure, but think he played a wind instument-sax? I recall overhearing a conversation between the band director-a Mr. Parker-and another student-I think the drum major named Dallas-about Glenn. He was quitting the marching band, which was quite grueling, to give more time to his interest in a rock'n roll band. Mr. Parker expressed disappointment and I believe he said that Glenn would probably regret his choice someday, because of his potential as a musician. I think this stuck with me because it was kind of scandalous and unique for that time and place. It was a decidedly nonconformist decision for the Leave it to Beaver generation. There was something happening and the best part was just over the horizon. I think now that it was the feeling of confirming the cultural change that was going on-something about the power of the new and unusual music that belonged to the kids-Glenn was making a choice, as a kid, that resonated in some way with everyone in that circle. I think that this was in 1964.

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    Default Re: before the bands

    Thanks so much for posting that story, yrsago. I love to hear stories of Glenn in his very young days, but they are few & far between.

    Welcome to the Border!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yrsago View Post
    Mr. Parker expressed disappointment and I believe he said that Glenn would probably regret his choice someday, because of his potential as a musician. .
    Yeah, I bet he really regrets that move!!

    Thanks for the recollection yrsago!! And welcome to the Border!!!
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    Default Re: before the bands

    Welcome from me too! Thanks for the story.

    Yeah, that Glenn Frey never amounted to much after he quit the marching band!
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    Default Re: before the bands

    Great story! Thanks for sharing Welcome to the Border!

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    Default Re: before the bands

    ...welcome..and thanks for your more!!

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    Default Re: before the bands

    Great story!! I too would guess that Glenn deeply regretted that decision to leave the marching band. But fair dues to Mr Parker recognising Glenn's potential as a musician.

    Welcome to the Board from me too.

    ps Did he look as hot then as he does now?
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    Default Re: before the bands

    Cute story, yrsago, and welcome to The Border! I love hearing stories like this! But I have to agree with the others that Mr. Parker's comment was pretty bizarre. You don't see too many marching bands topping the charts.

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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