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Thread: Don in the Press/Blogs/etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalshFan88 View Post
    I think what songs should have been left off of The Long Run would make for interesting debate.

    Personally, I think taking Those Shoes off would be sacrilege. If VOL is underrated, then Those Shoes is criminally underrated.

    Those Shoes has become one of my favorite Eagles songs and was my favorite that I heard on the HOTE tour. Hearing that song open with the talkboxes was the highlight of the night.

    Hi Austin - Hope you are feeling better! Well, the three song I can't stand and in MHO are the worst they ever did are Disco Strangler, Teenage Jail and GDWNF. If they had not been so exhausted and burned out, those songs would never have made that album. HT, ICTYW, TLR, The Sad Cafe and The KIng of Hollywood are great songs. Those Shoes is ok to me but, I have never seen them do it in concert. Austin I'm happy for you that you were able to see them play it. I do think the talk box is pretty cool.

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    Im; with you on the three low points, NKIT. As for "Those Shoes," for me, it's a highlight of the album. I love that song! I also really enjoy "Victim of Love."

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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