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Thread: Favorite Don Song

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    Default Re: Favorite Don Song

    I was thinking about this recently. Right now I think my top ten from his solo career would be like this:

    1. The Heart Of The Matter
    2. The Boys Of Summer
    3. The End Of The Innocence
    4. Train In The Distance
    5. Dirty Laundry
    6. A Month Of Sundays
    7. New York Minute
    8. The Cost Of Living
    9. The Last Worthless Evening
    10. Long Way Home
    Honourable Mention: If Dirt Were Dollars

    My top three has not changed in a long time, and it's unlikely to change any time soon - I really firmly believe these are the best three songs Don has recorded as a solo artist. There are very, very few albums where they wouldn't stand out, they are that good, and it's not often I can truly say that about music from a band member's solo career. I give top spot to The Heart of the Matter. As great as the other two are, I think THOTM just edges them out. It's such a wonderfully poignant and timeless track.

    There wasn't a lot between Train In The Distance (IMO the best song from Cass County) and Dirty Laundry, which round off the top five. The lower rankings do move around a bit more, so this is just how I feel right now. I have to say I personally favour A Month Of Sundays to the hits from BTPB aside from BOS - I sense Don feels a real connection with the man in the song and his passion really shows in his performance as well as in the superb lyrics. The Cost Of Living is the other Cass County song in my top 10. It's the best duet on the album for me, easily, has the emotional weight that characterises most of Don's best solo songs and with all that has happened this year and the people we have lost (including Merle Haggard himself, as well as Glenn) it has become even more resonant. I give my honourable mention to If Dirt Were Dollars, which I think is one of Don's most underrated solo tracks. I love the lyrics - lines like 'she looked at me uncomprehendingly, like cows at a passing train' are classic Don.

    One difference between Don solo and the Eagles is that for some reason I am more decisive in deciding which solo songs I like best. Picking a top 10 for the Eagles is more difficult for me as I feel I'm snubbing more greats that I'd love to include, whereas with Don's solo albums I think I can pick ten that are my true favourites and it doesn't change as much.
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    Default Re: Favorite Don Song

    I can't believe I haven't done this before!!! But then again there are so many Don songs that I love it's really hard to cut them down to ten. There are a few on your list JCL that I'm happy to see as some of them are my favourites as well but I actually like the songs that are known but not the big headliners. Four of my top ten are actually from ICSS - I just LOVE that here goes.

    1. Long Way Home. I would just DIE happy if I ever heard him sing this live but since he's never ever done it my chances of an early grave are slim!
    2.Talking To The Moon. Since I don't live in Texas and can't afford to go there I don't think I'll be hearing this live either - have to watch Inside Job DVD and dream.
    3.Train in the distance. There's just something about this song that gets to me every time I hear it...very emotional.
    4.Miss Ghost. Don's sexiest song EVER!!!! I don't care if it's about drugs or temptations of the flesh, I LOVE it!!
    5.Lilah. It reminds me that Don has a soft spot for Ireland and well, enough said...
    6.Younger Man. This could have been written for me - I may be over twenty years younger than Don but he's THE MAN
    7.Dirty Laundry. Never get tired of hearing that opening beat. My brother loved this song from its first release and introduced me to 'the Don'.
    8.The Heart of the Matter. What can I say? Don at his lyrical best....just fabulous.
    9.Boys of Summer. My first glimpse of the gorgeousness that is DH. That video remains forever etched on my brain.
    10.Taking You Home. What a gorgeous soulful song and again it reminds me of Don's sentimental, soft side. I really love the end when the backing singers and music just fade out.

    ....okay, you see it is hard to leave out songs. Honourable mentions to The Last Worthless Evening, You Don't Know Me At All, Goodbye to A River and Damn it Rose.

    As I said, I realise I've left out obvious ones like EOTI and SG, NYM but these are my particular favourites.
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