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Thread: Eagles Song Survivor: On The Border

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    Default Re: And the winner is....

    Quote Originally Posted by SodaScouts
    And it’s time to declare the winner! It’s been a close one, but with 7 votes, the winner of On the Border Survivor is.....


    Already Gone – 7
    The Best of My Love – 6

    Vote Breakdown
    Already Gone – timfan
    Already Gone – ive always been a dreamer
    Already Gone – Freypower
    Already Gone – Karen Carpenter
    Already Gone – Glennsallnighter
    Already Gone – Randy’s Girl
    Already Gone – Perfect Little Sister
    The Best of My Love – sodascouts
    The Best of My Love – Brooke
    The Best of My Love – DonFan
    The Best of My Love – Maleah
    The Best of My Love – EasyFeeling
    The Best of My Love – glenneaglesfan

    Songs eliminated:
    You Never Cry Like a Lover 02/19
    Is It True 02/21
    Midnight Flyer 02/23
    My Man 02/25
    On the Border 02/27
    Good Day in Hell 03/01
    Ol’ 55 03/03
    James Dean 03/05
    The Best of My Love 03/07

    Congrats, ALREADY GONE!

    To celebrate...

    Watch Already Gone from the Kirshner Rock Concert, 1974!
    Download as .mpg (49 megs)
    Download as .wmv (11 megs)

    That was fun, guys! Thanks for playing!

    Hi Soda! Did I not vote for AG as well (top of page 13)? Only you don't have my name on the list of people who voted for it . Anyway it was still fun! thanks GA
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    Congratulations to ALREADY GONE - a close call and a worthy winner!! Congratulations also to Best Of My Love for a close second place. That was fun, and a good excuse to listen to the album again. Look forward to the next one.
    This way to happiness...

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    oops GA - sorry! That's actually why I always list names - in case I forget to count someone. I'll go back and fix it. Thank goodness it didn't affect the outcome, or then I think folks might be after me with tar and feathers!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Thanks for that too Soda! Glenn is
    "They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
    1948-2016 Gone but not forgotten

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    Default Congrats!!

    Congratulations to "Already Gone" and "Best of My Love"! Good job to both! And thanks for the video link, SodaScouts!
    "And when my life is over, remember when we were together..."

    - Karen Carpenter, "A Song For You"

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