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Thread: What's your name?

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    Wow Nancy! Your story is a very southern and alphabetical one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAinOH View Post
    Never really noticed this thread before... but I'll play!

    CAinOH - My name is Cheryl.

    Actually, my name is Cheryl Ann (never use my middle name, just initial), one of those poor unfortunate women who were named after a tugboat from a television show in the mid-fifties. Seriously, Google the popularity of the name "Cheryl Ann" and it was one of the top names from the mid-fifties until about 1960. I asked my Mom once how they came up with my name and she said, "Ask your father." Oohh... yeah... So I asked my father and he said, "You were named after a tugboat." I looked at him like he was crazy and he shrugged and said, "There was this television show where a guy ran around solving crimes in his tugboat named Cheryl Ann." Okay, by that time I was sure he was certifiable. A few years ago, I Googled it. Oh. my. goodness. It was true. Dang.

    I have since embraced my inner tugboat, purchased season one of Waterfront with Preston Foster as John Herrick, captain of the tug Cheryl Ann and I even have a scale model of said tug in a display cabinet in my living room.

    But, really... Dang.
    OMG CAinOH - I just saw this ! What a cute story - I love it. Love to see you embracing it, also think it is cool that you have a scale model of the tug boat. With all the crazy names people give kids today, Cheryl Ann sounds nice to me !

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