Ordinary Average Guy was released 20 years ago today - April 23, 1991!

While it's not his strongest effort, it still has some highlights. I will stay positive and put "no comment" next to the truly sucky ones.

Two Sides to Every Story - it can get a little sing-songy, but it has some clever lyrics.

Ordinary Average Guy - One time I dated a guy who knew Joe Walsh solely from this song (he was born in 1974) - and he thought the song was great. So do I! It's funny and catchy. Love it!


P.S I never knew Joe Walsh had a YouTube Vevo Channel!

Gamma Goochee - No comment.

All of a Sudden - I think this one is pretty and Joe sings it with emotion. Some may find it too soft-rockish but it's a standout track to me. Love the way the sax transitions into the guitar in the instrumental interlude about halfway through.

Alphabetical Order - No comment.

Look at Us Now - The energetic drums throughout provide a sense of urgency to this song about us destroying the world - like we'd better stop it now or we're screwed. A different kind of "statement" song. Effective.

I'm Actin' Different - This song isn't a favorite of mine but the part about the "bright lights" is nice. The "never gonna change" part is also interesting.

Up All Night - This is an interesting song because the lyrics seem kind of ambiguous - he overtly seems to still be having fun staying up all night but his vocal has nothing like the spirit of "All Night Long" and some of the verses seem downbeat. When viewed in the context of Joe's life, it's telling.

You Might Need Somebody - another one I like that is always overlooked. The moody tone works and I like the use of the background singers, too.

Where I Grew Up (Prelude to School Days) - There's not much to this little piece but the melody is nice.

School Days - Not the greatest but not awful. It's got a peppy melody but the lyrics are kind of melancholy. It's like "Summer of '69" in theme but not quite up to that one in terms of execution.

Any other thoughts, Joe fans? (I know not many have the album so I linked to the songs I could find - feel free to listen and offer opinions)