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Thread: Hello from BBKron

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    Default Hello from BBKron

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I have been an Eagles fan since 1972.

    Although I like all the Eagles music, I am most partial to the earlier stuff. Desperado and On The Border are my Favorite albums, and I think Desperado is one one of the greatest albums of all-time. I really think the Eales lost alot of their versatility when Bernie Leadon left. But they have maintained high quality throughout the years (although they will never be quite as good as back then).
    I also like a wide variety of other music, including many other 'country-rock' groups of the day, including Poco, The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Souther-Hillman-Furay Band, Manassas, and their various incarnations.

    I have a music blog of my own where I feature unofficial live and outtake recordings available for download. I have recently been featuring several rare, previously uncirculated live recordings of '70's country-rock groups. (Chris Hillman, J.D. Souther, SHF Band, Firefall, FBB, and the Eagles). Come by and chack 'em out at The BB Chronicles (

    Check out my music blog, the BB Chronicles at

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    You have to look for it a bit, but after you follow the link to the downloads from the blog, you must register for an account at Mega-uploads where the data is stored. There are Premium accounts (not free) and there are free accounts.

    The data is stored in RAR format (not ZIP) so you'll need software to extract it.

    I do not have RAR extractor on my notebook and since my Desktop computer is down, I'll have to look around and see if I can find an RAR extractor.

    You can download WinRAR400 from free of charge (evaluation version good for 40 days....I know there are others out there but this was the first one I came just like WINZIP).

    The Blog is very professionally done. The extracted RAR really doesn't sound that bad (MP3 format) though it does not sound like it is patched into the sound board...just straight from the speakers. But there are a couple of tunes on it (one by Henley and another by Bernie).

    I'd say this is a good resource and wish to thank BBKron for providing it.
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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    Welcome! I collect bootlegs myself and your blog is great. That Eagles show you posted with the two unreleased songs - what a treasure! You should start a topic just for that show.

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    Welcome BBKron. Hope you enjoy being on The Border with us.

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    Welcome BBKron!
    "For the record, we never broke up, we just took a 14-year vacation!"
    (Glenn Frey)

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    Hi BBKron......Welcome to The Border

    There is no more new frontier - we have got to make it here

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    Resident Guitar Slinger
    Fan of the (real) Eagles 1972-2016

    RIP Glenn Lewis Frey 1948-2016

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    Hello BBKron and welcome. Glad you found us here. I've had a pretty busy week, but I'll have to check out your site. If you are an Eagles fan, you are in good company. Hope you like it here on The Border. Enjoy!

    "People don't run out of dreams: People just run out of time ..."
    Glenn Frey 11/06/1948 - 01/18/2016

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    Welcome from me too BBKron. Hope you have fun here. And that you'll play our next survivor!
    'I must be leaving soon... its your world now'
    Glenn Frey 1948-2016 RIP

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    Default Re: Hello from BBKron

    A big welcome from me also. Looking forward to hearing more from you and can't wait to go check out your site.
    I possess the silver bullets to slay the demons from my past. How do I know? Because I survived them-and I am already stronger than I believe.

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